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MARIAUTUBE made a great comment on August 2nd.
Since I'm a New Yorker I can absolutely assure every single IDIOT that says there were no planes that day; that there were freaking planes !! Are you freaking insane !!?? The 1st plane flew almost right over me !! There were thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands, who saw the freaking planes and not just saw them from NYC but from Brooklyn, New Jersey and Queens. OMG, I just don't understand how these morons make these claims when they weren't even here !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Maria.


Tower Shake
12th Comm' On 9/11 TV Fakery - Newtons Law

F4 Phantom Jet Hits Concrete Wall at 500 MPH

911 NBC - Jennifer Oberstein - eye-witness who saw no plane

UA175 - the last 12 seconds by achimspok

Evidence of Wake Vortex at end of clip.
WTC1 North Tower Plane Impact on 9/11 - Naudet

DWAIN DEETS on "Impossible Speed"

9/11 — Possible or Impossible Speed?

Murray Street engine

The Murray St. Engine:
Many of the 9/11 videos and photographs show an engine core falling out of the South Tower. An irrefutable photo-montage of the damage it did to a building on its way down before impacting at the corner of Murray and Church streets can be seen here:

Jewish commentator reports that Jewish Neocons were behind Iraq War

A Critical Review of WTC "No Plane" Theories (Eric Salter)

The South Tower plane of (approx) mass 145,150 kilograms, moving at a velocity of 128 metres per second had to expend the massive amount of kinetic energy amounting to 1,189,068 kilojoules.

The plane, not UA 175, does not "slice" through the outer wall; it punches its way into the tower by shearing the bolts holding the offset steel panels with which the Towers' outer walls were constructed, obviously making a large hole in the lattice-like wall it struck, the fuselage and wings then being ripped to shreds by the 4 inch horizontal concrete flooring.
Look in the notes: for WTC PLANES THRU STEEL WTC and watch the video.

I'm afraid that many people, largely because of conditioning by the mainstream media, seem prone to go for an either/or answer on this issue. The 9/11 attacks were almost certainly orchestrated by the U.S. administration and Israel's Mossad. No other entities could have coordinated the military shut down that allowed four huge aircraft to fly around in the busiest airspace on the planet for hours, and to find their targets with only one being shot down: the alleged UA Flight 93.

The Boeing 767 lookalikes that hit the Twin Towers were almost certainly remotely computer-controlled drones, for no amateur pilots could have flown them with such precision.

A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon but one such plane certainly flew over it, as many eyewitnesses have testified. The plane alleged to have been UA93 was shot down because Major Rick Gibney disobeyed an order (although this has been disputed), and I strongly suspect its target had to have been WTC7, otherwise how was that collapse to be explained? In any event, the FBI has admitted that the majority of the cell-phone calls from both UA93 and AA77 would have been impossible, at that time.

The no-planes-in-New York people are misguided fools or disinformationists like John Lear, who did contract piloting work for the CIA at the time of the Iran-Contra scandal. Whichever, they have all clouded the issues even further than did the 9/11 Commission and helped the cover-up criminals in the mainstream media by allowing them to call anyone who doubts the very anomalous official 9/11 story as being "Foil-hatted nutters."

I repeat: No, I do not accept the official 9/11 story, and anyone who does cannot be thinking straight.


9/11 Testimonials

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