911 ~ Where is Barry Jennings?

911 ~ Where is Barry Jennings?

Stunning Footage of Councilman Michael Hess being discovered by Police,other unidentified citizens, and a camera. You can see him on the 8th floor of 7 World Trade screaming to people below. The echoing sound of Hello focuses the camera squarely on his position. There is something missing however, a part of 911 since Loose change made him famous, Barry Jennings. I recommend watching Barry Jennings uncut and my video which has apparent Fabrications by the now deceased Mr. Jennings. What he describes outside that window was accurate and that is shown in good detail in this video. You can see a major fire still going with cars and 5 world trade also, post collapses-before rescue.
You should watch a couple of these videos for background on what was actually said.
7 world Trade Total Collapse- Great cut from Jennings account from Uncut,on audio, with matching video Video Response below.

Barry Jennings Uncut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCRK2o…
The very real possibility exists the Truth movement was infiltrated from the start, or even started by the shadow government. The implications here are huge. I highly encourage everyone with a backbone to come to New York City this September. The shit needs to hit the fan. 911 should be the Litmus test for politicians and those in a position to do something. This is still brought up over and over by the Government and media as a justification for killing and greed that has taken place since. The biggest issue has to be the assault on our Natural rights that began in earnest with the Patriot act under Bush and continues with the NDAA with Obama.
The Truth is out there………
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