Selected comments posted on Social networks over the years

Selected comments posted on Social networks over the years

  • nobody using common sense and critical thinking skills can say that these buildings wee brought down by fire. The buildings blew up to dust, ejecting steal beams hundreds of feet in all directions with such force that they impaled nearby buildings. Black smoke is low heat and fire heats upwards so the building was intact beneath the firezone. therefore it is strictly impossible that the building can disintegrate and collapse at free fall speed into the path of most resitance , NIST are CRAPthisisyourwakeup 8 months ago
  • God Bless America No More!brazillo19 11 months ago
  • america always has and always wil be the dominate super power of the world. whether u will admit it or not, your country wouldnt stand a…NEVADAUNDERGROUND in to brazillo19 6 months ago
  • Keep dreaming. America is called the great whore, and mystery babylon in th bible and will be destroyed. It’s prophecy and ain’t a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it. Just look at the storms and potential disasters waiting to happen. Look a Edgar Casey’s map of what america will look like in the future and this cat is pretty good a prediction. I mean we have earth quakes in unusual places, every storm werth thinks of, extreme heat, the list goe on.brazillo19 in to NEVADAUNDERGROUND 6 months ago
  • mm, i guess that makes some sense. but not everybody is happy that the people in the past made the choices they made. If it were me in charge back then I wouldn’t want to hurt the native americans or the africans. I’m not somebody that would want to hurt anybody(emotionally and physically). Please have some hope that there’s quite a bit of people who aren’t jerks in america 😮 (there are jerks FOR SURE XD theres jerks everywhere, but theres good people too)iLoveDerekSouza in to marcus3df 1 year ago
  • that wasn’t committed by americans per se, but the majority of the population was extinguished before the formation of the united states. Spanish, English, Dutch, all killed indians, fucking Cortes wiped out the aztecs, the french and dutch imported MILLIONS of slaves to the west indies. Why don’t you fucking go to school before you formulate a uneducated opinions and post comments that make you look ridiculously retarded.Eric1029res in to marcus3df 1 year ago
  • God doesn’t get revenge on people…bad things happen because this is a fallen world but blaming 9/11 on God and our ancestors for being “killers” is ignorant and unhelpful…a lot of people lost their lives and loved ones on this day so if you want to start an argument about freaking native americans please go elsewhere. p.s. i’m part cherokee. get over yourself.elizabethsabine in to marcus3df 1 year ago
  • Theres no way those 2 building could fall so easy and fast like that. The lower levels were not damage at all! It was designed to not crumble even if the top was damaged or burning in hell. So how can the lower level not being damage at all fall so fast? These buildings can only fall so fast if the bottom was greatly damaged and cut into pieces. But i heard that the lower levels were indeed damaged too greatly – by demolition explosions!!!fleshtheworld 1 year ago
  • @fleshtheworld
    Well thats what the designers of the building said. But maybe they just designed the building bad with poor support so the top part was able to come down on the lower parts.fleshtheworld in to fleshtheworld 1 year ago
  • youre a fuckin idiot broquintencorneliusin to fleshtheworld 1 year ago
  • Stay strong my American brothers and sisters, were all thinking of you, RIP and god bless from England <3earnshaw1991 1 year ago
  • How dare those hijackers come into our country and kill 2,977 people that includes our innoccent citizens, heroes, and our symbols. They should be ASHAMED of themselves, but you know what we showed them that we are strong and we can rebuild ourselves back up. Like my mom always says never get back of some one because of their wrong doings, they’ll get their’s. It won’t be today, a week, or even a year, but they will get their’s.
    Rest In Peace- citizens, heroes, and twin towers:,(Pinkladie23456 1 year ago
  • 3:56 really pissed me off…..Myusernamerulez 1 year ago
  • I can’t believe all the comments promoting hate after watching a video like this. Please grow up and open your hearts and minds!chack8ill 1 year ago 39
  • All those people. I cry every time see this shit. I think about my girlfriend who I love to death. We live in Miami and when I think what if she was in that building I nearly freeze in my tracks. I don’t blame Islam I blame you greedy as whites for putting your fucking noses in other people’s business. You killed the native Americans and dragged us niggas into this country to be your bitch. I hate you motherfuckers.
    But you’ll never learn. You just don’t give a fuck.flirtwd 1 year ago
  • All I can say is .. the world saw we US peeps reacting that day … confusion, sadness, grief – then anger through out all US cities from coast to coast. We didn’t forget – and don’t 2nd guess us … we remembered those that suffered that day … and we quietly move forward – until that day when we reacted … 🙂 Guess where Bin Ladin is today – we gladly did it for those peeps that he went after that day – but we will always do the pay back. My own take on it. 🙂soxmonki 1 year ago
  • @stagps1983 i will be contacting the police for threating me dude and you must be really gay to say something like that so you go to hell and god fuck americasnowy1500 1 year ago
  • Leave the gays out of this debate please.
    Otherwise it is sad to see the fighting and bashing going on, when we should be joining together and remembering the innocents lost. Only a decade later, and not one person has learned anything but hate and violence……what happened?bahamutskingdom in to snowy1500 1 year ago
  • I’m fourteen, which is like one of the most rude ages, and I think you’re being really rude. There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and just being plain rude and disrespectful.basketballchick9111 in to snowy1500 1 year ago
  • Info ultra Secret. Here is not terrorist make this! ” we calle G Bush make this WTC.
    And here all Of this Is exsist à GOV black and FBI finger Of. All what happing 9-11
    1. G Bush need be kill!!!!
    1. No Osama B.85fdrxMarines 1 year ago
  • @MegaSarcastica and where is the evidence that bin laden is dead?? everyone saw saddam, but not bin laden. you have to be very small minded to truly believe your government, especially the us governmentwittner19 1 year ago
  • this is the same person who probably thinks that the holocaust never happened. I hope you don’t live in America because its the people like you who just make this country look mentally retardedAgope23 in to wittner19 1 year ago
  • @FLICKPatriotism you actually hope this happens again? Noone deserves to go through something like this. How did we deserve this?? If you don’t like this country, then get the fuck out of it.WoWsErS55 1 year ago
  • Arent quite sure what brought the towers down? Pause at 1:31 and look at the west face of WTC 1. Now unpause and pause again at 1:34. Look at the west face, you will see horizontal high velocity gas and debris ejections traveling down the face in a very synchronized fashion. They eject outward at least 30 feet and travel down the building faster than the debris on the north face falls …. all the way to grade. That is 110 floors collapsing at very close to freefall speed, from a fire? Twice?IranContraScumDid911 1 year ago
  • Watch Youtube 4 part series “911 just asking” and read the 911 Commission Report and you may be “just asking”. There are more questions then answers and in the case of Building 7 they simply said the Commission did not have an answer.nineelevenjustasking 1 year ago
  • all u losers shut up about bin laden having nothing to do with it and it being an inside job, just shut up, i make your monthly salarys in a week. USA all the way everyone who did not support the USA in this whole thing should be ashamedplayerdepimp 1 year ago
  • @MegaSarcastica What coward? You mean Bin Laden who was never linked to 9/11? Even on the FBI’s website, the most wanted list, under Bin Laden’s name, had nothing about 9/11? So what coward are you talking about? The one, who’s body was never actually shown to any of us and they got rid of it as fast as possible? Open your eyes up bud.PurePowerPunk 1 year ago
  • By the way, I’m British and have lived in London now for 40 years. I grew up during IRA bombing, an organisation you Yanks funded. So thanks for killing the hundreds here you hypocritical babyish losers. Your country is hated by EVERYONE around the world. Think about why that is. LOOK into your history. You’ve funded regimes in Chile which have led to countless dead. Not to mention Afghanistan and Hiroshama and Nagasaki. REFLECT. THINK about what you’ve done you bloody minded a******. SCRU .S.Ajesusxrist 1 year ago

  • You… are my idol
    EdgyPowellin to jesusxrist 1 year ago
  • To all those fucking conspirators out there,Shut The Fuck up!!! If you have nothing to back you evidence,then dont speak.I know its your right,but come on, if you have such a messed up logic to go and call this a goverenment cospiarcy,prove it!!! I mean Damn,you need more then just video,You need actual plans. It is all in front of us all that this was a terriost attack,there is more evidence then any other theroy. God bleess America,and may god be with those minorly and strongly affected.Nightfallgamer 1 year ago
  • Bombs could not take out the WTC unless somehow they magically appeared directly attached to the numerous support structures. The reason a plane was able to take out those numerous support structures is because of the massive amount of fuel and intial impact. The initial impact shattered the fire resistant coating right off the steel girders, the large amount of fuel melted the girders away within an hour, the remaining girders could not hold millions of tons of skyscraper. The end.zimtower 1 year ago
  • Seattle Times
    Feb 27, 1993
    Title: “Twin Towers Engineered To Withstand Jet Collision”
    “Skilling’s people did an analysis that showed the towers would withstand the impact of a Boeing 707”
    “Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed,” he said. “The building structure would still be there”
    Remove Brackets
    tinyurl(.)com/JSkillingswiftysmithuk in to zimtower 1 year ago
  • Modern Marvels: World Trade Center Part 5
    “The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it.. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jet liners.. this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door. This intense grid, and the jet plane is just a pencil, puncturing that screen netting, it really does nothing to the screen netting.”
    F A. Demartini
    Manager, WTC Construction & Project Management
    watch?v=eM7rFpz3wCg#t=1m50sswiftysmithuk in to zimtower 1 year ago
  • No Doubt, look at the cars and the buses on the streets, how the hell did the windows blow out like that?manofsteel564 in to MrGoodguy88 1 year ago
  • I was on Dey street when it came down. if you dont know where that is, its right next to it. i was only ten. I was running as fast as i possibly could, but suddenly got taken to the floor by a firefighter who threw me into a coffe shop.FARStationNo21 1 year ago
  • This day brought on thousands upon thousands of deaths. Not only the ppl in the towers and on the planes, but years later all those who have died of respiratory problems. All the dead civilians in afghanistan and iraq. Dead american soldiers, and all for what?katkal3 1 year ago
  • Its like a fucking nightmare!MrJOHNY347 1 year ago
  • I was only three when this happened :\ funny thing is I took a picture with my brother standing at where the giant ball globe thing was in perfect condition, and about 2 years ago, i went to lower manhattan where that exact same globe is displayed. I felt like crying when I saw the beat up, dirty globe. I’m shocked that this tragic day happened. I’m grateful that my mother left manhattan when this happened. My brother tells me that he saw a giant cloud of smoke above when he went to school, allPurpleTacos1252 1 year ago
  • yup if u ppl anylize the video and a little common sense u can clearly see that bombs were placed in the tower which makes it an inside job ….. U KNOW U CANT ALWAYS TRUST UR GOVERNMENT ,,U JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOUR COUNTRY … VIVA ECUADORSuperMoises15 1 year ago
  • :/ this really makes me sad watching it. *sigh* I was 15 when I saw it on TV in homeroom.Sifirela 1 year ago
  • spare me the god bless america bs…….tony1238 1 year ago
  • thier choice was either the white house or the twin towers and as u can see the 2 towerswheeloffortune700 1 year ago
  • 3:33 why are all those vehicles burned out near still standing WTC7?MarkB1ngham 1 year ago
  • Hate = key to supremacy. God’s one mistake: creating man with the ability to think himself stupid. Physical fact will defeat mental truth every time: The “Official Truth” is merely a Public Statement. The physical facts speak for themselves, these 911 atrocities were carried out by our own government and its adjudicates .The are Imperialists and supremacists – power-hungry defects of our society. This is a mental illness that must be dealt with. Get them out of office!!!!!!!!!milackk7 1 year ago
  • isn’t the hiroshima & nagasaki bombing done by the americans even sadder? i mean even more ppl died there…it was so hot that their shadows got burnt into place…distruct0101 1 year ago
  • our planet is a unique planet that has the right elements to create life and maybe no other planet in the universe will have life forms like us, and all we can do is hate and destroy everything and every one we should take care of our planet as we are very unique and remember its not only our planet we are not alone on this planet and that is for a reason.Tricksncrafts 1 year ago
  • yes why does there have to be so much hate in the world!!!!:(bieberlover159 1 year ago
  • R.I.Ptheshugchannel1 year ago
  • It’s funny how you see the building just disintegrating like that from an airplane kamikaze. No way that could happen. I believe that someone was behind this and used the planes as a diversion and demolished the building using explosives or some other way. My opinion though.kasbersky 1 year ago
  • its taken a long time but ppl are now seeing the flaws of this plan by the US government, u can clearly see all these questions are being avoided by mainstream media bcoz they are also controlled by the government.
    just keep demanding the truth.
    peaceDrChitta in to kasbersky 1 year ago
  • Actually it does make sense. Yea jet fuel doesnt burn at high enough temp to melt the steel supporting the structure but it heats it enough to make it vulnerable to bend slightly(all about excitement of atoms) This allowing the pressure of the weight above to apply even more stress to the steel until it is too much to handle and it gives out. As the building comes down some material crashes down and ricochets off material and goes to the side causing the collapse u see.1nonlyrawbert in to kasbersky 1 year ago
  • I doubt that. Even if the explosion was hit on the side, it’ll either make the building tilt. Even if it hit all sides, he metal/brick building would be able to support even a little. But the fact that there is not a single trace of it makes no sense with a kamikaze. Maybe an explosive bomb but i just doubt that. My opinionkasbersky in to 1nonlyrawbert 1 year ago
  • It hit from the side but it pretty much went all the way through so it was basically like a big hole in the middle. But notice when it did collapse the top section did fall at an angle. The reason it didnt tilt after the collision was due to the inertia of the supporting structure. U have ever played jenga? U notice if u take a block out from the side initially it doesnt exactly tilt. The difference is the fire weakening the supporting structure of the tower. Its all about the physics1nonlyrawbert in to kasbersky 1 year ago
  • It just mystifies me that they look so calm and collected in the midst of all this?? Is there any-one that agrees with me? Or what is your thoughts of my view on this??
    Some-one please show me a piece of footage where the crowds / on-lookers appear panicked ……
    ~~~No offence intended whatsoever by my posts of this footage, please understand that. I’m just giving my take on it. My opinion.~~~Aintgotmine 1 year ago
  • I def. understand what you’re saying but It could also be from shock too. When that happens sometimes you have a late reaction to these types of things tragic or not. But I have seen some footage of a few ppl bawling their eyes out. Everyone’s different. Just type in something like ppl crying when the planes hit the WTC. Something will come up.LetoyaLuckettFan in to Aintgotmine 1 year ago
  • Like the crowd is just standing around looking on at what’s going on, and I have to say; – in a lot of the footage clips/pieces they’ve shown on tv over the last number of years – seem to show the crowd as being remarkably calm and dignified and non-chalant (hope that’s not being offensive.) YET 2 HUGE STRONG BUILDINGS COLLAPSE, and they’re standing there looking, and there’s next-to-no what you’d call “racing around the place in a mad panic” going on …. No major crying going on either ….Aintgotmine 1 year ago
  • i understand what you are saying. everyone reacts differently though. i guess you wouldn’t know unless you were to experience something like it first hand. i wasn’t there or anything..just saying. everyone griefs differently. i know if i saw two huge buildings collapse in front of me, i wouldn’t necessarily be crying (unless i personally knew someone in there) but i would be in total shock…resulting in me being speechless. so yeah…either speechless and/or running for my life!glossyxokizzez in to Aintgotmine 1 year ago
  • Why in any of these footage clips are people not screeching their lungs off or bawling their eyes out or running around the place like head-less chickens as is the norm in a panic situation ??? That mystifies me!!
    I thought the Americans are supposed to be well-known for their dramatics ???! 2 Tower-fuls of people are collapsing down around them in front of their own very eyes and I’m seeing s.f.a. dramatics ….. ??Aintgotmine 1 year ago
  • um; sweetie, you’re talking about movies and stupid stuff on TV. Don’t condense reality with fiction. People react differently. Especially in our country. You wouldn’t believe what New York has that people just shy away from. People are stabbed in the street and/or raped in front of crowds but they do nothing. No reaction. And really they were more in shock than anything.Sifirela in to Aintgotmine 1 year ago
  • @ mayur224 immortal technique That’s what’s updjl152 1 year ago
  • The US brought 9/11 on itself. Thanks to policies towards Israel and Jew worshipping by Evangelical *fake* Christians.
    What did the US do in response to 9/11? Invaded a country that had nothing to do with it and killed a good two million people.
    Fuck this country. I’d rather fight against it than for it.
    To all the soldiers? Fuck you too for enabling the government.FLICKPatriotism 1 year ago
  • If you hate this country so much, then get out.TheHiddenPortal in to FLICKPatriotism 1 year ago
  • @0:45 see the PVT police Security Cam on the pole. WHERE are these videos? There are many unseen videos that show the entire event but we are not allowed to see them. I cant wait till the civil unrest dismantles these evil corporations brick by brick until we find the evidence.dallasgoldbug 1 year ago
  • 4:17 we see some burnt cars.
    What causes the fire? Probably not dust and flying debris. Nearby is undamaged street sign and working traffic light.aljazperc 1 year ago
  • This gives me the chills…..Tributer123 1 year ago
  • I have question!!!
    Whay you USA attack Serbia???
    Just tell me WHAY???
    Why jam your nose where you do not belong???fuckyouall1389 1 year ago
  • Why else any other country tries to do anything these days. Money.Sifirela in to fuckyouall1389 1 year ago
  • Truth is we all did this. We figured thisbsort of thing would never happen. Yet hundreds of people died that day because we weren’t careful. I was five when this happened. I remember how fucking scared i was because my dad was working in DC that day. I was only five, but i saw on TV those people falling/jumping out of the wtc. I wont ever forget this. But what does bush do? Send thousands of troops to die because he couldn’t do shit to prevent this. Sad.metallicabrat61 1 year ago
  • I remember shortly following this catastrophe the public made a hero out of Mayor Giuliani. I thought it was a bit overdone for everyone to have a circle-jerk in his honor. Like.. what the fuck did he do?paganini333 1 year ago
  • God bless America?
    I am dutch and in Holland we got those people too… God bless Holland… (bless this and that)
    I am a fuckin world citizen and let that almighty God bless this entire forgotten stoneaged world…
    We all should unite eventually and destroy those ancient businessmen ruining this world for us…zumobster 1 year ago
  • i cant believe people today who blame Bush for this!! and the hurricane katrina and what ever else. And then there r the ones who blame Guilliani (?) Fools…for once blame the culprits who admitted it and celebrated it. Thank goodness such fools werent alive during Pearl harbor or we would speaking Japenese or German!!bluegrassreb1 1 year ago
  • @bluegrassreb1
    Good one… Ever gave it a thought why this entire world speaks “english”?
    To get to the bottom of truth we should ask ourselves bottomline questions…
    The funny thing is… most people do not understand economy because you don’t go to the rooth…
    Do you know the goldsmiths tale? The question is… Why did this entire rotten world accepted gold as a trade? (how did jewelry came to excist in ancient times) Simply… it didn’t…
    This world is already fully under controle…zumobster in to bluegrassreb1 1 year ago
  • Bush did itsimpleguy49281 year ago
  • Its all a question of money. No more and no less. Inside job for sure. Yankee slaves.Zepo616 1 year ago
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  • God bless the dead and forgive for the fools that are causing this chaos for we know what we do..dying is easy living is hard!MrCash518 1 year ago
  • @ persianprincessacu
    I’m sorry, how did I offend you. I served my country honorably for 5 years after 9/11 and was truly affected by this tradegy. How am I’m being, “selfish idiot and pathetic hypocrite”? Ireally think you misread my statement somehow!cindypltnm 1 year ago
  • Everyone sound so full of hatred! When we are forgetting the real tradegy…those people that were sitting in their offices that sunny morning day and had their life take from them. I working in an office build just like them… that morning in NJ, and could never imagine that hapning. The people behind this…will pay for their sins and be judged on judgement day!cindypltnm 1 year ago
  • what a darn shame no planes hit your building, selfish idiot and pathetic hypocrite.persianprincessacu in to cindypltnm 1 year ago
  • did you see the guy jumped off the building when it came crashing down i didnarcovice 1 year ago
  • fuck all u american haters…ur just mad cuz america always kicks assJericholic2323 1 year ago
  • @Jericholic2323 Um, if you’re talking about corruption, well hell yeah. You are just another, who not only doesn’t know about anything beyond your borders, you obviously know very little about your own cuntry. The US seems to kick arse because it always compares itself to poor/ 3rd world countries – compared to all other, 1st world countries – you really are a pack of poor, under educated, bad teeth and health, semi/ illiterate, greedy brats.persianprincessacu in to Jericholic2323 1 year ago
  • lmao u seriously fail…and u give a bad name for ur people haha america kicks ass…u hate us cuz u aint us so fuck u all terrorist bitches!Jericholic2323 in to persianprincessacu 1 year ago
  • LOL, dwaldjr told me to ‘leave america’ then deleted his statement after he figured out I don’t live in the united states. My apologies to anyone who was offended. I don’t support the actions of 9-11 AT ALL. I just find many aspects of the aftermath, faulty investigation, and unanswered questions very VERY SUSPICIOUS.
    Zero witnesses, hiding surveilence that would prove evidence, and no traces of an aircraft at the Pentagon is even more shocking that the people haven’t figured it out yet.survivalistds 1 year ago
  • Jealousy breeds hatred, so I have no problem with other people hating America…Just remember, the world revolves around us! 🙂Winangels 1 year ago
  • – Erm no your wrong there. America is, at the end of the Daym just another part of the World. Just becuase you are American, does not in any way make you immortal or somehow better than anyone else in the World.soeffingwhat in to Winangels 1 year ago
  • god bless america was chosen ironically, i take it?noonesflower 1 year ago
  • its like a horror film.. RIPNoraaaa009 1 year ago 7
  • even more worse then a horror filimTheGangstaoglocin to Noraaaa009 1 year ago
  • safety and security from cia since 9.11.2001SuperHooCee 1 year ago
  • sept 11, 2001 …brought to u by the ciagracom1977 1 year ago 2
  • @MrFLICKYOLI it’s people like who hate the U.S because you don’t appreciate what u have in whatever poor country you live in. It’s also people like you who deserve to be shot and this why the U.S went to war and it’s a pretty fucking reasonable decision now have a nice day in hellAF45x 1 year ago
  • japanese Navy was trained in US and Britain before the war in fact the japanese Navy was modelled on US and british Navy my fathers ship(Royal Navy) was sunk by a Japanese shell made in Britain, so this is nothing new Arms and all forms of weapons are sold worldwide its just big business ethics or morals do not come into it. and ALL gov’ts WANT it that way. Unfortunatley the ordianry man and woman in the street is the victim.WELLBRAN in to CaptainStriker 1 year ago
  • No, buildings fell but this video is an attempt by an “amateur” to claim that he/she caught the event on video. The purpose being to give you and everyone else the idea that many people were able to record these events when they were not.
    911 was a TV movie in order to cover for a controlled demolition of the WTC and to justify increased military/security spending.CohibaSkeeza in to arachn1dinshoe 1 year ago
  • Sorry it took so long to write back. For the record, American soldiers DID TRAIN THE TALIBAN, and we supplied them with weapons in the 1980’s to fight against Russia in Afghanistan. I’m not sure what happened to cause them to turn against us 10-15 years later, but anyone who was alive in the 80’s saw it in the news. We also supplied Saddam with tons of serin gas, and supported his war against Iran in the same time period. -Interesting how so many former allies become our enemies, isn’t it?survivalistds 1 year ago 28
  • they never turned on anyone…this was americans (well the elite and they aren’t really americans) murdering other americans.JamesArranMcGregor in to survivalistds 1 year ago 2
  • Foreign policy ie Israel & Palestine for starters.
    Stop arming and supporting IsraelGeemonster69 in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • it was all the illumanati their mission was to trick a religion to being allies and then training them to terrorize but the bush came along taking orders from his cell phone which made every one think afghanistan and pakistan are to blame and now everyone hates them…… that mission was a success but thats only part 1 the next one is slowly devolping as we read speak listen and every thing we do which is a new world order was born on september the 11th or 9/11Mayur Patel in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • i dont know how much info do you have about the killing in iraq and afghanistan made by US ARMY,but that is why US people are so hated in this world.US army are trying to still the oil from these poor countryes.onli the cittizens of US can stop these kilings.if USA invest in medicine the amount of money that they spent with the army they had been discover a cure for cancer or aids/hiv.ghicicines in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • The Americans forwarded the money through the Pakistani ISI, who then supplied Al Qaeda. September 11th has nothing to do with Al Qaeda, that was made perfectly clear by Osama 5 days later, and by Afghanistan officials who permitted Osama refuge at that time, but with restrictions on his ability to carry out any military exercises. This whole scheme was U.S. implemented. And it will happen again if we don’t lay down and be good Sheeple.milackk7 in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • Agreed.
    For the record, I didn’t mean to imply that the Taliban was involved on 9-11, merely that we trained and supplied them in the 80’s to do our dirty work against Russia in Afghanistan.
    On that note, we also use to be allies with Saddam, supplying him with tons of serin gas to be used against Iran. How interesting it is that we suddenly turn on our ‘allies’. We seem to use our allies as the fall guy for our own evil plans.survivalistds in to milackk7 1 year ago
  • Yes. I agree. I do NOT support our government’s (not The People’s) actions, or their allies. Osama was a good friend our ‘ours’ and became the fall guy. Chavez is not a friend because he rejects Imperialist occupation of Venezuela, as do other S.American countries; same with Iran. Interesting read, the WikiLeaks, March 11, 2011 CIA report on Shoring up Afghan war support in Western Europe: “Ignore Voters!” when only 0.1-1.3% of them identify Afghanistan a priority. Now Libya.milackk7 in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • Its because as soon as we helped them “win”, we abandoned them to rebuild. This created resentment and ultimitely played a part in creating the taliban/al quada. Another big part of this (which is too long for me to go into detail) is the Iranian revolution during the mid 1900’s. Definitially look into that if you really want to understand why a lot of this is happening. At least this is what I have put together after a little bit of research.09paulia in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • Video is fake. This entire scene was rendered on a computer.CohibaSkeeza 1 year ago 2
  • Im pretty sure you should rename the video…it has been seen by 253,000 peoplebrooksdixon 1 year ago
  • the world need answers, theres no way on gods earth them building came down in such a uniform way without the help of internal explosive chargeswild0hawk 1 year ago
  • It is neither BLINDNESS nor HATE:
    America did this to themselves by 60+ years of torture and terror committed throughout the world. I don’t support terrorist acts on America AT ALL. I just simply see the truth that many Americans are afraid to admit:
    WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES. Throw rocks at a dog long enough, you’re bound to get bitten yourself. Just suck it up, or if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.survivalistds in to FunGamingSWE 1 year ago
  • excellent comments about the 60+ years or torture and terror. excellent for one reason. TRUTH. your statement WE DID THIS TO OURSELVEs is BRAVE. Most of the problems in my life I DID TO MYSELF. To blame this on others is simple and easy. To look in the mirror and deal with TRUTH is not. The sheer fact that the U.S. was so shocked by 911 clearly shows they value their innocent lives far more than the innocent lives of other nations. That value is what helped to create 911.derpotni3riots in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • I don’t know why whenever i read any comments on youtube, there should always be comments with bad words from so many among us, respect who died in this. They were innocent people ok.outlanderls08 1 year ago
  • When people are at a loss for words they all say “Oh My God” do they know Him? God is who or what you worship, trust in, Daily and especially
    when when all Hell breaks lose. His name Jesus, Name above all names, The Only name in which we can be saved! Seek Him while He can be found! He is faithful to forgive! His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path! Don’t let pride keep you from entering the kingdom of heaven!MarkPoloIII 1 year ago
  • if that’s not controlled demolition
    idk what isjetsamjetsam 1 year ago
  • RIP to everyone who lost their life. America united as one that day and ill never forget it.itslilmark 1 year ago
  • There were explosives planted in the buildings, and thermite and thermate on the main support beams of the buildings to make the structures slide over and collapse. A needless loss of human life…007nitfire 1 year ago
  • There was no such thing. Niels Harrit is a fraud.dangerouslytalented in to 007nitfire 1 year ago

  • proof?
    THEOMGProductionin to 007nitfire 1 year ago
  • countless universities have debunked this theorycalfan3 in to 007nitfire 1 year ago
  • On 9/11 me and my friends went out and had fun. Last year, my skool showed us a vid of 9/11. It scared us. It really did. We didn’t see this commingSakuraHaruno8789 1 year ago
  • And in the blink of an eye they were gone……JemixShanie 1 year ago
  • Remember Hiroshima
    Remember Nagasaki
    Remember Korea
    Remember Vietnam
    Remember we trained the taliban
    Remember we supported Saddam
    Remember we started all this… and NEVER FORGET IT.survivalistds 1 year ago 82
  • Remember the rape of Nanking
    Remember the Holocaust
    Remember the Blitz
    Remember that it’s possible to have the best intentions and FAIL, and still not deserve to have the innocent people of your nation killed in cold blood
    You are essentially saying the misconduct of, some of which was arguably just, of our government justifies the murder of two thousand people. Think about that.
    Taking innocent lives is never justifiable. Ever. Not even in retaliation.MCripper121 in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • You state,, “some of which was arguably just” ??? can you see how this statement is contrary to what you state,,, “Taking innocent lives is never JUSTIFIABLE” ??? Do u believe that the parts witch you think could have been justified did not MURDER INNOCENT lives also? do you think that only 2000 innocent lives were takin in these U.S. JUSTIFICATION? Dont kill innocent people if u dont want your own innocent people killed. It is not rocket science. you just object when ur people fallderpotni3riots in to MCripper121 1 year ago
  • MCripper, your statement, “some of which was arguably just”. I find it cowardly. I feel it is something ONE says that is only looking to create JUSTIFICATION from simple DENIAL. Then you go onto make a POINT about taking innocent lives never being justified??? It is mind boggling. It is the kind of SELF-ABSORBED thinking that allows the U.S. to keep taking innocent lives abroad. Use your own words to guide you to their truth. Please as it is very important.derpotni3riots in to MCripper121 1 year ago
  • My friend, your chain of unrelated events doesn’t go back far enough. The French supported the Continental Congress in the War oof Independence. Ergo, vis à vis, concordantly, the French “started all this.”GorterPoss in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • I love you.Timelapse8in to GorterPoss 1 year ago
  • I’m not sure what you’re getting at with hiroshma, nagasaki, korea or vietnam. ‘we’ did not train the taliban. supporting sadam means nothing. political ‘friends’ can quickly become political enemies. your grasp of history appears to need improvement.halfglassed in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • We trained the Taliban. We gave them guns. We helped them.SoxXxOwnsU in to halfglassed 1 year ago
  • ”We trained the Taliban. We gave them guns. We helped them” and you guys also voted BUSH for president…nxmarcos in to SoxXxOwnsU 1 year ago
  • Thats true i agree that those people had nothing to do with what happend in 9/11, only the people who voted for BUSH coz he is the murder.nxmarcos in to BRANDON85L 1 year ago
  • What the f*** had Saddam got to do with 911? Nothing at all, that’s what.costatropicalgranada in to survivalistds 1 year ago
  • WHO BENEFITED FROM THIS? What evidence got destroyed here? While there are still questions the investigation should go on.lumeriam 1 year ago
  • Pseudoscience? 1\10 Troll Doll!
    Relegating these Truths down to conspiracy theories only works on sheep who wolves wait to devour. Come play with a tiger little doggie. Debunk the witnesses WHO WERE THERE!!! Show us your proofs. Stay in YouTube and debunk either of the following ‘live’ accounts please –
    “9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!”
    “9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You”
    Then grow up and start facing the harsher facts of this life.belchaos in to wolvens5k 1 year ago
  • Throw a few insults and give me a few videos filled with pseudoscience, dramatic music, and snippets of conversations and expect me to believe them. Here are a few links that provide SCIENTIFIC evidence (peer reviewed and accepted) debunking those idiotic videos that were created to scare people
    Instead of taking what they say as facts. Research it yourself.wolvens5k in to belchaos 1 year ago
  • you americans act like you didn’t have any right to see this coming. Its not like you never dropped a bomb on any country *hint hint*
    You people are terrorists as well. So maybe now you should stop making a joke out of other countries and this won’t happen again…Totaly14 2 years ago
  • are you seriously saying that the American civilians in the building should have expected a terrorist made by Saudi Arabian hijackers since their government’s millitary committed an act war over 50 years ago in WWII against imperialist Japan?darksidelead in to Totaly14 1 year ago
  • God bless America? God does give a flying fuck about America! If did nothing for victims of the holocaust, why the fuck would he bless you the living? Not to mention those victims who perished under the collapse?unfathomableinquiry 2 years ago
  • WRONG! Usama Bin Laden IS* on the FBI most wanted list! He is listed on the “10 Most Wanted Fugitive List” as well as the “Most Wanted Terrorist List” but they make no mention of 9/11 on either page because he hasn’t been indicted for 9/11. It only lists the embassy bombings in Kenya & Tanzania in 1998. (Not to mention the international arrest warrent from Libya.)
    At least TRY to get the facts straight. *I don’t believe hardly anything the news/government says either!*cranegaroo in to FUCKZIONISM666 2 years ago
  • This is so, so heartbreaking, even 10 years later. Those poor, innocent, beautiful people- what they must have felt knowing they were trapped and could not possibly get out, from seeing the planes coming for the building AND when they both fell down. R.I.P.
    I do not believe in God because of things like this.
    I do believe the American Government was behind this.
    I believe a majority of Americans will never believe their government was involved and for that, I hope one day…. You’ll wake up.MissJStyle 2 years ago
  • I was 14 when this happened to us..I really didn’t realize how bad it really was because I was so young and didn’t understand that much..seeing this now I understand and cry my eyes’s all I can think about.. REST IN PEACE everyone who was murdered on that day.never forgetxmanclyx 2 years ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • I lost one of my friends that day, RIP LT. John Ginley, lost in the subway attemtping to save a rookie firefighter. Rest in peace, old friend.airdroid2 2 years ago 4 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • Uhm airdroid2.. Why is your friend not listed in the SSDI? There are 18 John Ginley’s reported dead in this index, from january 1968 to januari 2008 and the one u are talking about is not in this list.
    Just like: Jim Gartenberg, Kevin Cosgrove, Brad Fetchet, Shimmy Biegeleisen, Stephen Mulderry, Melissa Harrington Hughes, Christopher Hanley, Brian Nunez, Walter Hynes, Brian Green, Orio Palmer…
    These are names from the fake documentary 9/11 phone calls from the towers.belvedere106 in to airdroid2 2 years ago
  • I assure, he was there, I’ll try to find the linkairdroid2 in to belvedere106 2 years ago
  • just search LT. John Ginley on Google, he is on the first linksairdroid2 in to belvedere106 2 years ago
  • @airdroid2, i know, i did with all the people who are mentioned in my earlier question to you, they are all there on the first link on Google. With pictures and stories…
    But none of them i mentioned are in the SSDI and are all from one single docu on the discovery channel: 9/11 phone calls from the towers.
    What chances are there that all of em are not listed and coming from the same docu?belvedere106 in to airdroid2 2 years ago
  • , it is not of matter if i dont believe u or not.. I just find it curious that the man u reported dead is not in the SSDI, thats all.. I dont say he is not dead, i ask u why is he not on the list like all names mentioned earlier?belvedere106 in to airdroid2 2 years ago
  • how uncaring you are,questioning someone that lost a friend.its morons like you that are whats wrong with america..keyboard warriors who have too much free time…android2,i am sorry for your loss as a fellow ny’ersabreyow in to belvedere106 2 years ago
  • @sabreyow, im just asking questions. Did something go wrong with regestering virtual all victims who lost their lives on 9-11? If i understand correctly, the SSDI is there to protect creditcard and insurance companies against people who steal identeties of dead people. Since it started more than 85 million!! have been put on that list. Now that is a lot and i dont see how people who are named as being killed, mostl on TV, are not on that list, none of them. I think that is strange at the least..belvedere106 in to sabreyow 2 years ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • You’ll be relieved to know that the so-called victims were fictitious identities coupled with images that are nothing more than digital simulations.
    The only victims of 9/11 are the millions of innocents in illegally invaded countries who are being slaughtered wholesale. And the oblivious US citizens who have been manipulated and deceived.OzzybanOswald in to desireesargent 2 years ago
  • Even after 9 years seeing videos of what happens makes me cry. RIP to all those who lost there lives 🙁bb12luvr in to Fabufashion 2 years ago
  • there was a story about a fireman who went into the WTC to help fight the fires, he was a muslim and managed to escape the towers before they collapsed, unfortunatly he triped over escaping the rubble and then a Jew came and helped him up and helped him get away…this shows that people no matter what there religon and diffrences can unite in hours of needTalkingLemons 2 years ago 3 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • All of you need to stop acting like crazy bastards.. =/
    Terrorists are bad, but that does not mean all Muslims are bad.. Why are people acting like it’s the U.s’ fault? It’s not, you’re just upset.. we all are, but it happened anyway.. This is a day when us Americans should be there for each other and understand the true meaning of this day; To remember our hero’s and victims of 9/11. We all have our opinions on Muslims, who started 9/11, etc. But, debating = lost cause.iSUCHIE 2 years ago
  • demon in smoke, how stupid, stop doing crack.6ceska6republika6 2 years ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • pause at 1:38 when the camera zooms in. it is unfortunately a demonStealthAssassin10462 2 years ago
  • whoever is an american and approves of this mosque being built on the twin towers sight, u do not belong in this country….StealthAssassin10462 2 years ago
  • Fuck you. I’m American, I’m Christian, but at least I’m open minded unlike you. Do you seriously believe that all muslims are terrorists? You DO know that there are extremists/terrorists in every religion, right? Even Christianity? Whoever is American SHOULD APROVE the mosque. Americans agree to the Bill of Rights. The Bill of rights states the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion.
    Over 1 billion muslims in the world.Therecantbethatmanyterro­rists.squiresuzuki in to StealthAssassin10462 2 years ago
  • its a part of their religion. i bet u anything that if u went to iraq today, the muslim would be praising the pilots responsible for this. they are “heroes” to them. its a part of their religion. dont if u dont have any sense towards thisStealthAssassin10462 in to squiresuzuki 2 years ago
  • No, it’s NOT part of their religion, dumbass. How do you know that? Do you have muslim friends that worship AlQueda? I have 2 muslim friends, they’re some of the nicest and most humble people I know. The are NOT heroes to the muslims. How can you be so blind-sighted and ignorant….
    For example, look at Christian NeoNazis. They hate all races, all sexualities, all religions that aren’t theirs. But are they praised by most other christians? NO! Just the same with terroristssquiresuzuki in to StealthAssassin10462 2 years ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • People have the right to religious freedom. Why should more innocent people suffer because of this tragedy? Does it matter where the mosque is? I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone can measure that with a ruler. I’m a Christian, and I do not believe that Islam is correct, but as Americans, we all need to unite and respect each other. And I respect your opinion.vlnist1 in to StealthAssassin10462 2 years ago
  • they build that muslim temple shit i swear i bomb tht shittt i dont mind where they build just not at ground zero like they should have respectrseder92 2 years ago
  • Most of the U.S. don’t agree with it and building the mosque would be a sign of domination over your nation.
    theshow2k8 in to thibaulthalpern 2 years ago
  • Domination over your nation? Just because most Americans are Christian doesn’t mean we should all be bigots and discriminate against other religions….
    And guess what. Most of America is also stupid. Most of America is also fat/obese. Most of America is ignorant and arrogant and bigot.
    Look at the video by TheAmazingAtheist, it’s really inspirational. Whether you’re atheist or not.squiresuzuki in to theshow2k8 2 years ago
  • and the crusades were also full of people bent on destorying those not like them..they were power hungry..most were by the catholics,1 at least lend by a “so called” christian..see those who “arent really following jesus christ” take a word like were God says being gay is wrong..which it is BUT no where does it say to kill people for it..God is judge..NO ONE watch out for these kinds of people..thinking cause they “think” they serve God,it gives them power and a right to killLovenVincent in to SuperiFox 2 years ago
  • You know whats CRAZY?
    That while the building was falling it was blowing up.
    Freaking George Bush is BULLSHIT.
    Also i think their covering up whats gonna happen on 2012 as wellTheMagicExo 2 years ago
  • ISLAM is NOT a race.
    Muslim is NOT a race.
    Get an education.JimboVids in to KiLLwithDesi12 2 years ago
  • Then why are you speaking against it? Just because We’re Muslim isn’t that right?KiLLwithDesi12 in to JimboVids 2 years ago
  • i’m not american and i dont understand why any1 would even want to build a mosque so close to where so many lost there lives in the 9/11… and while i’m at it can i just ask how many churches and cathedrals have your country built us? oh hang on i think its 0 isn’t it… if you mosque builders had the same respect for those who lost there lives in 9/11 as the rest of us people from the normal world, you would not even try to justify your dammed mosque, have some respect.LMVH7 2 years ago 3
  • If 70% of America really feels that way, then they’ll be heard. They don’t need Jimbo from Youtube as their spokesperson.mickblock in to JimboVids 2 years ago
  • there’s a difference between a extreme muslim and a normal one but 9/11 wasn’t very good for there reputation as a religionyoking456 in to DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • islam’s foundation is not peaceful. wake up.DizziNY1 in to yoking456 2 years ago
  • dude you wake up that is just the taliban and extremist i know plenty of muslims and none of them are evil as long as they aren’t hurting or killing anyone like the extremist do then it doesn’t affect me.yoking456 in to DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • First of I am not a dude. Second, the qu’ran directs it’s followers to lie to the infidel and gain their trust then to attack.You better wale up. If you think it is sane to follow a murderer, muhammad, then you need to see a psychiatrist.DizziNY1 in to yoking456 2 years ago
  • Muslim extremist and muslim moderate I think just the same with christian extremist and christian moderate too..The difference lies on his/her emotion and attitude or behaviour whether he/she is easily angry or be patient or calm or more tolerance and whether he/she wants a quick change or evolution or step by step.action.In politics there are also extremist and moderate.Extremist is divided into left extremist and right extremist. u better wale up!yoking456 in to DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • and also i don’t care who they follow as long as they don’t hurt anyone like the muslim EXTREMIST i don’t give a shit if they wanna worship the flying spaghetti monster just don’t hurt anyone and i don’t have a problem i don’t really care if muhammad was a murderer just because they worship a murderer doesn’t make them murderers it just makes them retardedyoking456 in to DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • Actually, it is. The shit like Jihad is very recent. And christianity isn’t exactly peaceful either, remember the crusades?itshomietime in to DizziNY1 2 years ago 2
  • the belief its self is not the one to blame but those rogue “people” who use christianity as a reason to hate and thus kill,which it is NOT about but love and peace..plz do not blame all christians but those who spread hate and kill in the name of God..the bible says “for you “those who do such things” will stand before God and say “but we killed in your name and tried to cast out devils” and God will say to them “Get out of my sight,for i NEVER knew you”LovenVincent in to itshomietime 2 years ago
  • I get what you’re saying, but I was just bringing up a point. For the record I am christian, but was bringing up a point in Christian history where we brought terror among the the Islamic people. We led 9 crusades against their people, took over Constantinople, and took Jerusalem multiple times. Islam has no right to do this, but we f’d them over for hundreds of years. Christianity has been corrupt as well in the Roman Catholic church. Ha, were not a very peachy religion..itshomietime in to LovenVincent 2 years ago
  • sorry im still say “WE are not a very peachy religion”? and “where WE brought terror among the islamic people”? and “WE f’ed them over”? i had NOTHING to do with it..did you? for 1 catholics are NOT chrisians..they are catholics..2 diffrent religions..they believe total diffrent then we do,other then they worship “God”..example christians believe that through jesus christ we are saved..catholics do not and the crusades were a movement of hypocrits full greedLovenVincent in to itshomietime 2 years ago
  • Catholic’s are Christians dumb ass. baptists are Christians, protestants are Christians, etc. these are all sects of Christianity. Christianity is one big category and all of the sects have slightly different ideas. and Christians did terrorize the Muslims before. Catholics believe that Jesus died for their sins so technically they were saved by Jesus. go read the bible.wam226 in to LovenVincent 2 years ago
  • Ugh, some people are this dumb. I obviously meant “we” as in our religion. If you couldn’t pick that out, I’m not responding anymore. Obviously we didn’t run the crusades ourselves, idiot. I know you’re preaching that its a good religion over youtube comments, which for the most part is true. Later.itshomietime in to LovenVincent 2 years ago
  • and im sorry if it seemed like i was being mean or trying to start a fight..thats not what i wanted to plz forgive me..i was trying to show why so many people hate christianity and hate what it stands for..there are these small groups of people who claim to be christian but go rally at a gay mans funeral “after die’ing in iraq for the freedom we now have to share that belief” and make claims like “god hates gays”..that is hateful “people”,not our religion.God teachs diffrentLovenVincent in to itshomietime 2 years ago
  • ….across the globe. You cannot generalise and blame a whole culture or religion. Some people are bad. These people may be of any faith, any colour, any nationality. Learn before you criticise DizziNY. You are being force-fed American political spin and propaganda. Educate yourself and stop listening to assumptions and superstitionscarterupm in to DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • It is not at all. Islam is no better or worse than any other religion. It is the extremists who are the real evil. Islamic extremists are just as bad as extremists of any faith? Millions have died in the name of Christianity throughout the ages. Paedophilia is LESS prevalent in Muslim culture. Evil people are evil people, whatever cause they follow or claim to follow. American foreign policy also does its best to incite and inflame hatred and extremism by oppressing and killing…carterupm in to DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • You know what?, I am sick of the PC BS regarding islam. These nutballs cut off woman’s noses and ears to make them unattractive.They believe that it is ok to force wives into having sex whenever the man wants it. That = RAPE. Aisha was NINE when muhammad had sex with her, he was a damn pedophile. islam is an excuse to abuse women and others while hiding behind God. Call a spade a spade and tell the turth. islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is an outlet for hate.DizziNY1 2 years ago
  • – It is thought that there were explosives in the towers. There was no way the towers could have fallen like that. They were built to withstand impacts like the ones that occurred on 9/11. As the debris of the towers were being cleaned up, pools of molten metal were found, and the fires that were burning in the towers weren’t hot enough to melt any metal. Some people believe that the government set up this attack.paulandrewww in to jed ong 2 years ago 2
  • Whoever looks at this and won’t get chills on his/her spine is not human!
    Fucking look at how the towers fell and tell me straight to my face that it is perfectly normal for a full-steel building to collapse under the weight of just 1/12th of the total mass of the building.
    And god bless america? That song has to get banned in my honest opinion!
    Thumbs if your with me!Yezpahr 2 years ago
  • To anyone who doubts know this: When the World Trade Center buildings were constructed, they were constructed with the idea that something like this might happen, in short they were reinforced to withstand several type events…..Without coming down….Explosives did in fact bring down the Towers….And yes there are people in this world sick enough to kill thousands just to get their way…Research history; America is not exempt from lunatics.jeremykeplinger 2 years ago
  • Corrections:
    *The WTC towers were designed to take the impact of a 707, which they did.
    *The WTC tower steel system was designed to withstand fire for 3 hours, which it did not; most likely as a result of compromised fire shielding on the inner core combined with compromised perimeter columns and destroyed perimeter columns.
    *No evidence of explosive wiring, det cord or other demo equipment was found in the rubble. To claim that it is a fact that explosives did this is a sham.plasterdbastard in to jeremykeplinger 2 years ago
  • unless you know people who are involved with designing these types of structures, who know that these buildings are pre wired with explosives in case of just such an event that they do fall; and if someone has something to cover up, they’re not going to tell you what they found. What about the large trace amounts of military grade thermite in the dust samples of ground zero? What does one need with that in an office complex? And then there’s wtc 7 to explain.jeremykeplinger in to plasterdbastard 2 years ago
  • Trace amounts of thermite with no initiation mechanisms? No detonation wiring? Thermite is not an explosive, it’s an incendiary compound used in welding and explosives disposal.
    Additionally, given that we have an aluminum aircraft that struck an iron based structure (which also had aluminum compounds in it), which then partially powderized in collapse, there’s no reason to think that a thermitic reaction was not possibly caused by the collapse and materials present.plasterdbastard in to jeremykeplinger 2 years ago
  • open flame/ heat will easily cause thermite to ignite….Aside from that how are you supposed to find anything conclusive (i.e wiring) amidst all that rubble and steel? They couldn’t even find anything that resembled computers or even telephones…..And most of this is speculation because the only ones who know the truth were there….Yet most of the “official” stinks to high heaven; this was not “just” a terrorist attack by foreign enemies no matter what the media says.jeremykeplinger in to plasterdbastard 2 years ago
  • Your post implies that the firefighters that watched those buildings crush their friends and then helped clean up the rubble were complicit in the attacks. The same people who are dying of lung cancer and several other diseases attributed to their clean up efforts. Where is their “interest” in being complicit and being quiet? That’s a MAJOR insult to them.
    There are many rubble photos that show office debris.
    It’s possible that knowledge was not acted on intentionally, though.plasterdbastard in to jeremykeplinger 2 years ago
  • sorry for all the victims of 9/11 and all those first respondant who also got affected by the toxic air released from the destruction site .
    9/11 was an inside job
    investigate 9/11
    end the fed
    abolish AIPAC and send all ther members to gitmo
    list and exposed all members of bilderberg and send them to gitmo
    list and exposed all members of the CFR and send them to gitmo
    once completed ,bankrupt monsanto ,unfluoride the water ,expose the chemtrails …featherian 2 years ago
  • if terrorists actually did this why would they attack these towers why not the white house ask yourself that Why the fuck would it be these towers people US cover up
    points finger as Terrorist attack with no goal. if they were gonna bomb us they would hit places were our most important people are not this.RIP to all people in this tragedy im very sorry to all familysyungvince02 2 years ago
  • Actually, I know of 4 other times that black boxes were destroyed and the information was not recovered. Black Boxes aren’t indestructible. Also, where did you hear that the boxes weren’t recovered? The boxes from the Pennsylvania crash, Pentagon crash, and from one plane at the WTC crash were found. Where did you get your information?NYSP22DAVID in to featherian 2 years ago
  • Here’s what happened to building 7
    Did you know that the entire building above floor 7 was supported by three main trusses? Watch those videos. They might answer some questions of yours. If they don’t, your just stuck on your little conspiracy theory and nothing will change your mind.NYSP22DAVID in to featherian 2 years ago
  • yes you are right about that il stay with my little conspiracy ,you are now telling me that 19 amateur manage to hijack 4 plane in USA of america on the same day ?while the military where doing a training drill consisting to hijack 4 planes and hit the WTC? what about the nanothermites explosive found by europeen expert ? what about the 1600 architect and engeneer who claim that 9/11 official story is phony as santa claus storyfeatherian in to NYSP22DAVID 2 years ago
  • Did you watch the videos? Why are you steering away from the subject? That is, how WTC7 fell. Watch the video and tell me what you think. I’m guessing you’ll just go off on another subject.NYSP22DAVID in to featherian 2 years ago
  • Umm do you know they have the box from United 93. Get the facts a French plane went down a couple years ago and holy shit no black box was found. Must of been the damn aliens.TheBarrett1971 in to featherian 2 years ago
  • I support the 9/11/01 inside job. Terrorizing american citizens is a very important duty of the United States government. I didn’t understand how important it was for the government to slaughter 3000 of us. But now that I know my children and I are only an insects compared to this great nation, I look forward to be slaughtered when the government feels the need for another inside job. I hope you americans like me are privileged enough to be slaughtered by the USA in the name of capitalism.tropophyte 2 years ago
  • next attack will be a nuke. You people won’t even have times to moan and cry!owjysv 2 years ago
  • The video would be better if the lady singer at the end actually knew the words to our star spangled banner.terrip56 2 years ago
  • Unfortunately, this is just a flat out lie from an “ultracrepidarian”.
    Energy makes buildings collapse. Potential, Kinetic, Thermodynamic, Nuclear, etc…
    Kinetic energy strike from planes, Thermodynamic energy from jet fuel fires, and Potential Energy from multiple stories above the impact point.
    Those are three energies that combined at the hands, and as a result of, terrorists to bring the buildings down on September 11th, 2001.plasterdbastard in to TheChronicMasta 2 years ago
  • No, it was an inside job and people don’t want to look at the facts because they can’t handle the truth and it is easier to blame others. We as Americans one need to take a deep look at ourselves and what we are doing around the world and 2 we need to take our country back from Rep and Dem, there both one in the same only with different appeals. We need to cut the TV’s off and stop worrying about Britney Spears and come together as Americans and stop this division of fear and racism they use!concious2 2 years ago 7
  • Please understand that I am saying we ALL live under ONE higher power. PERIOD.cool3929 in to bermondseystu 2 years ago
  • If you are referring to god, then he’s one cruel bastard. Why would he let this happen? There is no god.ms9809 in to cool3929 2 years ago
  • You actually think that the government would kill innocent people, police officers and firemen for what?? To go to war over oil?? Geez Louise people! These people making videos giving different versions on how this happened. Are you people in the same group who don’t believe we actually walked on the moon? That we filmed it in a hollywood stage?? I swear ignorance is everywhere!!ashleyryanful 2 years ago
  • : 9/11 is seen as worse (and is) because it happened all at once, and for those who survived, they have to deal with the memory of the tragedies, as their family members for the people they have lost. And you’re right, ignorance IS everywhere, <_< mhh hm. think about what your going to say before you open your mouth and start whining. Yeah, they did happen! all those times in history! WHATS YOUR POINT?2898paula in to ashleyryanful 2 years ago
  • This was NOT caused by the government! You fucking idiots! You make American’s sound like paranoid assholes! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You DID see the planes hit the buildings, right?? Was that just my imagination?? You fucking Liberals!! I guess next you would say the earthquake in Haiti was caused my the government. This was nothing more than a terrible tragedy that was caused by Al Qaeda. Fuck Muslims you Liberal fucks!ashleyryanful 2 years ago
  • I realise that youtube is a forum for all ages and completely forgot that you might actually just be a teenager or an even younger person (which would explain a lot). When i was younger I didn’t know much about these sort of historical issues and I wouldn’t be happy with some guy on youtube refuting everything i said, it’s a bit demoralising. So I don’t mean to offend you or anything. sorryykoshy in to BreezyBrisbane 2 years ago
  • President Wilson occupied Haiti brutally and dissolved their parliament whilst towards the end of the century Clinton forced neo-liberal reforms upon them which destroyed their domestic industires. Reagan invaded and virtually destroyed Nicaragua with Nicaragua winning an ICJ appeal against the United States for an ‘unlawful use of force’; as for your comments on Vietnam, Laos, Korea and Philipines…i don’t really think a response is neededykoshy in to BreezyBrisbane 2 years ago
  • This is FUCKEN BULLSHIT!!! Buidings dont just dicintigrate in 10 seconds!!! The WHOLE fucken building dicintergrated into dust in just over 10seconds… FUCKEN SCAM!! The building was obviously planted with explosives, buildings DONT just vapourise into dust.. Didnt FALL down, it fucken DICINTEGRATED, THE WHOLE FUCKEN THINGryconster 2 years ago
  • We Will Never ForgetMark Our Words You Jihad FucksWe Will Never Forgetbrendentwenty 2 years ago
  • the bombing of the al shifa plant a few years earlier killing a few thousand? the bombing of iraq in 98 killing about as many as in 9,11? yugoslavia? haiti? chilean dictatorship? nicaraguan invasion? iran coup? vietnam? laos? cambodia? funding the taleban? philipines? honduras? pakistan? iraq? afghanistan? keeping saudi dictatorship in power? yemen? this is literally, the tip of the iceberg. I’m doing my major in US foreign policy, maybe you should read a bit moreykoshy in to BreezyBrisbane 2 years ago
  • @Flashlight ? What does religion have to do with this or all the murdering??? God created man and created him with the freedom of choice because he wanted people to freely love him. Not a bunch of robots made to love him. It was the idiots that made the choice to blow up the WTT. God had nothing to do with it, man’s sin had everything to do with it, weither the blame be in our own government or actual terrorist.tlbperks4 2 years ago
  • Death To the fucking towel heads.MotionOfTheStop 2 years ago 3
  • Cheney doesnt wear a towel, not that I know of atleast.roxxphatcox in to MotionOfTheStop 2 years ago
  • RIP to all who lost there lives this helps me understand what my dad is fighting forTheHawaiikids in to cool3929 2 years ago
  • May God get those people who were responsible for this!!!!!
    I want to really know what or who took these buildings down.jkejr 2 years ago 6
  • yeah, gods gonna get right on it, as soon as hes done watching African kids get castrated. hes got a long laundry list you know.magicbologna in to jkejr 2 years ago
  • you can hear and see when 2 big explostions went off…the buildings bursts out..does any1 disagree… 1:33 watchkevo1120 2 years ago
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    deagla2 in to kevo1120 2 years ago
  • Just like nerblebun said – those weren’t the planes that made the buildings collapse! I ‘ve been a flight attendant for many years – actually I was in Kingston, Canada that day – and Kerosene isn’t THAT explosive, it cannot melt steel!! Also, if you start a plane from the east coast, going not far, the wings wouldn’t have been full of fuel ’cause that would mean too much weight thats unneeded!
    Always focus on the old saying:”Who benefits the most?” That will open your eyes …ElaAusDemTal 2 years ago
  • I do believe planes flew into the towers. but, I’m not convienced that made them fall.nerblebun 2 years ago
  • it broke my heart,,that same day we should have not let anymore muslims in our country…eventvisionsinc 2 years ago
  • you fucking ignorant bastardGoodAfternoonCranksin to Demo9237 2 years ago 2
  • dumbassWickedDrummer44in to Demo9237 2 years ago 3
  • How can SOME of you Americans be so ignorant and say your geverment done this? Thats like saying the London subway bombing and the bali bombing were inside jobs toofpvshitsonhsv 2 years ago
  • the american goverment is all about war, power and money they have a history for starting wars yet with no good enough reason there is no proof that bin larden did it this just a few videos and most of them have been proven to be fake! i feel america have started somthing that may esculate and decide our future.EazyE2600 in to fpvshitsonhsv 2 years ago
  • bin (larden) ROTFLMAO!! Damn didn’t kick a war mongering KING out of OUR COUNTRY, A little over 200 year’s ago??jcjrII in to EazyE2600 2 years ago
  • truth seekers, for short-cut to the truth, see:
    9/11: Blueprint For Truth (part 13 of 13)
    let show our resolve…nsupport the petition…signjefri53 2 years ago
  • never forget dat dayoctoron852 years ago
  • If you stop at 1:32 .. What’s that little bit under the main explosion on the right hand side? Care to explain?BoratNo1 2 years ago
  • 911 is a scamdiamondcalvesin to BoratNo1 2 years ago
  • the weight of three or four floors collapsing and pushing an active fire and smoke forcefully out an exposed exit.420991 in to BoratNo1 2 years ago
  • thats not an explosion du du brain. Thats the actually building FALLING. that little bit of dust is just excess pressor from the floors above. Most likely a broken out window.
    Go back to your little shack in central Georgia with your 10 dogs and cabbage patch doll girlfriend. Or become apart of the real world and open your mind.marcrockett in to BoratNo1 2 years ago
  • Sorry I live in England, and no, I ain’t no stereotypical English ‘twat’, ok? It’s just beyond me how a building of that infrastructure can topple down in a matter of what… 30-45 minutes? I am apart of the real world, maybe you gotta stop trusting what your dumb Ex-President keeps sayingBoratNo1 in to marcrockett 2 years ago
  • Im not trusting anyone. I actually hate Bush with every bone in my body. Dont start another of these conspiracy theories. “they blew it up” shit. People saw planes hit the damn building. It disrespectful towards to people who died by saying that it was “blown up”marcrockett in to BoratNo1 2 years ago
  • Does your imaginary girlfriend believe this was a hoax too?Tamaslammer 2 years ago
  • Answer the 1:32 question that your imaginary smart honest President Bush about his imaginary hunt for Bin laden and his excuses to pave the way with trumped up lies of weapons of mass destruction. Modern day witch hunt on people I’m not crazy about but the point is Bush was lying to us at the cost of our freedoms our and liberties that we died in war for to uphold ” in vein “. The freedoms Bush is stealing from us. This is how it all begins.diamondcalves in to Tamaslammer 2 years ago 2
  • Nice answer loser…
    And I didn’t vote for Bush since I’m not an American…. dumb fuck….Tamaslammer in to diamondcalves 2 years ago
  • People say everything is a conspiracy; it is unpatriotic and divisive and somewhat traitorous for Americans to say 9/11 was a conspiracy. I believe in their right to say what they want but it is evil and very self-righteous to say 9/11 was a conspiracy. I don’t think THOUSANDS of people conspired to make up seeing two planes hit a building. People who believe in conspiracy are amused with their own delusional ideas!DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • agreedGamer4ever745in to DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • Who said anything about thousands try a select few jackassMassTransit999 in to DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • Mass, it was thousands, not a select “few” jackasses. Actually everyone in Manhattan that day who were looking at the trade centers, more like tens of thousands, not a few.DrewsterDawg777 in to MassTransit999 2 years ago
  • Hey stupid fuck. He said “. I don’t think THOUSANDS of people conspired to make up seeing two planes hit a building” I said….Who said 1000 conspired….it was more like a select few that orchestracted this massacre from within the US government you dumb fuck….try reading next time you ignorant cunt.MassTransit999 in to DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • kokoteMrHonykkin to MassTransit999 2 years ago
  • 9:20 Hey keen observers! New york does not nor did not have a dramatic pumpkin color back ground that day nor that hour nor does it at that time o the year of the morning nor at that part of the world ever! It was September. THE REALITY is No other footage nor angles had a pumpkin horizon sky. Especially at that hour! Duuhhhh!
    Hey Bush some of us are perceptive! SOME!
    May God bless America to see truth. 911 is a scam.
    REALITY not conspiracydiamondcalves 2 years ago
  • correction 4:20 was a color drama edit.diamondcalvesin to diamondcalves 2 years ago
  • If you are truly Rolling on the Floor then I hope, for one you take a bath, and secondly that you realize your cliche of the usage of your phrase without rebutting my ideas with empirical evidence is a sign of weakness on your part. Thanks.DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • I am grateful that for 8 years we had a President who called good, good and evil, evil and who didn’t receive the second largest funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac thus contributing to the economic collapse. George W called for regulation against them YEARS before Obama pocketed money from them.DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • Anyone who claims “conspiracy” and that the people who called their wives and described the terrorist as Arabic men who overtook the plans are a disgrace to this country. This was Al Qaeda, they have admitted it. People chasing fantasies of “conspiracy” are unwise as I do not think THOUSANDS of people who saw this happen would lie in unison. It is insane to think this was conspiracy… it was Al Qaeda, WAKE UP you disgrace our country with foolish conspiracies that have no proof!DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • no, not thousands…millions.lordhelmit3in to DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • 4:20 Hey keen observers! New york does not nor did not have a dramatic pumpkin color back ground that day nor that hour nor does it at that time o the year of the morning nor at that part of the world ever! It was September. THE REALITY is No other footage nor angles had a pumpkin horizon sky. Especially at that hour! Duuhhhh!
    Hey Bush some of us are perceptive! I said some SOME! But more are seeing the truth now.
    May God bless America to see truth. 911 is a scam.diamondcalves in to DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • Its called computer software moron.marcrockettin to diamondcalves 2 years ago
  • Computer software was used to manipulate our emotions with and hide the truthdiamondcalves in to marcrockett 2 years ago
  • I feel sorry for those who don’t see it! Use your mind to see beneath the surface. Windows pooped out before “The planes” even touched the building. I SAID BEFORE “THE PLANES” or whatever droid missile / planes TOUCHED THE TOWER. Unless Youtube got rid of that video too.diamondcalves in to DrewsterDawg777 2 years ago
  • JClemens1970, the cars at ground zero was damaged by the debris that fell as the buildings collapsed. The debris was extremely hot, and on fire due to the fuel from the planes.legacycx in to jclemens1970 2 years ago
  • bullshit,legacycx….it got nothing to do with the fuell of the plane….how could it be so hot?remember,just a small peace of the tower was burning,not the whole building.whats with the debris from the lower floors?there was no fire…the pyroclastic dust was hot cause of bombs not from a little plane fuell (the most of it burned out after the impact) no way.the towers where brought down by explosive…..55758 in to legacycx 2 years ago
  • there was no debris from the lower floors. the small PIECE of the tower cover about 45 stories, taller than most office buildings. but as everyone can see, all the conspiracy theorists are blithering idiots, this one doesn’t even know how to differentiate the meanings of the words “piece” and “peace”. way to go 55758, you just made your whole stupid army look like an even bigger bunch of fuck ups. way to help your cause bro. did you really just ask how jet fuel could possibly be hot? LMFAOlordhelmit3 in to 55758 2 years ago
  • I love how the one guy comes out of nowhere and turns the news up. NewYork people are so used to everykind of wierd thing, I feel so bad that they had to witness thistpetty7273 3 years ago 2
  • omg i made me cry shit man ripchoongbren 3 years ago
  • The CAUSE of this Terrorism were pieces of SCUM that made a CHOICE to murder thousands of people because of their HATRED!!! Not President Bush or his father but, animals who believe in a hateful, violent god! They are ALL paying for their actions now. God Bless America!skjeies 3 years ago 2
  • both bushes were the cause of all this terror.michaelholey 3 years ago
  • That was a gruesome deed….those assholes protagonists should be hanged till death
    God Bless America
    May the dead souls rest in Peace Forever!!bips36 3 years ago
  • RIP – the victims of 9/11.meg3325 3 years ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif
  • Just thinking you’re going to have a normal work day and never know you are going to make it back home safe to your family. RIP to everyone who lost their life in this unfortunate event.:(williambrown007 3 years ago 3
  • 1:141:48
    You can perfectly see to the right building still standing.TarkinsApprentice 3 years ago
  • how the hell do u get the footage that is incrediblecheese5865 3 years ago
  • I got to spell it.. OK then.. The U.S. wanted in the European war. But wasn’t getting approval for it. Putting the squeeze on the Japs. Made them Attack Us.. Point: How many people died that day. Because they wasn’t ready for the enemy. Sound familiar. LOL.. See..Snowman374th in to omfgyahh 3 years ago
  • *sigh* why cant we all just get along? Internet arguments are pointless and throwing conspiracies over the internet are just as so. We all miss the WTC. That day changed all of our lives. All races, genders, and things. Hatred is like a poisoning. It could take over you and make you into something very bad. But If we got rid of difference, hatred. This planet will seem a bit brighter and a bit easier to breath in. Everyone has a good spirit. we just have to find it within ourselves. Peace.Maymona13 3 years ago
  • Been reading up on the protocols of Zion have we? Or did you just step out of a time warp from Nazi Germany? I could attempt to argue with you but I won’t, it’s best to never argue with an idiot, they will always pull you down to their level and beat you with experience.packets1 in to KittyLuvKitty 3 years ago
  • Quite right – they have no love of the West, in fact they hate us. In the UK they cause crime, deal drugs, sponge benifits, walk around like they own the place! Women in Burkhas, malice in thier eyes always up in arms about how decadent the West is and how they hate us. Of course though, its thier “right” to do that.. our countries are run by PC leftist ‘soft-Marxists’, who grovel to Zionism and big business.. They import the Third World to fill thier pockets using cheap labour. Islam is vile.andy7666 in to ciscokid2222 3 years ago
  • 1) There were confirmed, eyewitness reports and visual evidence of explosions and damage to the ground floor of the WTC that could not have been caused by the plane impact.
    2) How could a building that was designed to absorb a hit from an aircraft (fact) fall at free fall speed with no resistance from the bottom floors? These buildings had massive steel columns running up the center of the structure which had held up the upper floors since built but suddenly gave way? RIP to all 9/11 victims.jmitchnh 3 years ago
  • Einstein, When they designed the towers they never figured in the fuel lopad of planes or that planes would be larger then early 1960,s models. Go back to school. 9/11 conspiraracy theorist are one step above chold molestorsjers59 in to jmitchnh 3 years ago
  • you seem to forget how impossible it would be to put explosives in a skyscraper that’s in the middle of one of the largest cities on earth.SUPACARIBOO in to USMCkid49 3 years ago 2
  • no not really. the weekend before 9/11, the top floors of the buildings were off limits and workers were told to step out of their offices because crews were working on something in both buildings.cheaboiMWA in to SUPACARIBOO 3 years ago
  • AGREED. If anyone has looked into the events of Sept 11- they would know this info. Not only the weekend prior to Sept 11 was there no security, but employees report workmen with spindles of wires etc spending the weekend working at the WTC.elladomtender in to cheaboiMWA 3 years ago
  • you wacko 9/11 conspiracy theorist are only useful idiots for islamic terrorist ,get a life.Asshole, of course workman would bring spindles of wire into the WTC to re wire offices for the internet They are not going to do it during working hours. You tube needs IQ test to keep the retards offjers59 in to elladomtender 3 years ago
  • USMCkid49, the exsplotion could of been one of the planes gas tanks or a bomb on the high jackers.
    R.I.P. Twin towers and family members who died.Darkuser22 in to USMCkid49 3 years ago
  • Darkuser22….”A bomb on the highjackers” ROFL do u know how pathetic that sounds. The hijackers let alone the “bomb” would not have survived the initial impact. To suggest a “bomb” on a hijacker went off almost an hour after impact is absurd. Pfft.elladomtender in to Darkuser22 3 years ago 2
  • Just like the conspirIDIOCY lunatics that keep saying it was an inside job and that nukes or nano-thermite (whatever the crap that is) were used.zathras in to elladomtender 3 years ago 3
  • there were no explosions. Most of the interior of the tower was air as towers collapsed the air was forced out the windows. Real easy but retarded conspiracy theorist cannot understand thisjers59 in to Darkuser22 3 years ago
  • No. There are a lot of explosions inside buildings. wtc7 is a lie, and pentagon Exacltly the same!!Daniazco in to jers59 3 years ago
  • Guess you are engineer and knowe more then the experts who proved WTC#7 collapsed because of fire and pentagon there is film of plane hitting pentagon. But asshole conspiracy theorist who live empty lives are too ignorant or stupid, they are useful idiots for islamic terroristjers59 in to Daniazco 3 years ago
  • can’t blame some for wanting answers. Nothing has been proven as far as the whole inside job theory, but the fact a lot hasnt been answered will lead to a lot of people to believe theres shady things behind the events.Cant blame them. Now of course a lot more than that has been said that is absolutely riddiculous. Like some idiot in another vid saying that only news cameras showed the planes crasing. after all these years we have not really answered much about this, nor do we ask anymore.tomassocannavaro in to jers59 3 years ago
  • The American way of life is over. Hell is to come.castorini 3 years ago
  • …Why the hell am I still here? Now I’M the one clogging this video with comments about the damn conpiracy theory! And for what? To argue with a Canadian with an inferiority complex who gets off on the idea that one day we will all see his “truth”?
    ONOZ OMG. I have become that which I hated. Oh, the irony, the horror, et cetera. To hell with it. I’m done. Buddy, go have a large order of poutine on me, I love that stuff.DarthFastidious 3 years ago 3
  • Sigh… Compressed fuel mixed with air, as it is in the engines and tanks, burns near 3000. At initial impact and for a brief period afterwards, it was at 3000. Yes, it cooled, if you can call it that, to under 1500, but that temp plus the initial fire, was enough to weaken the steel, not melt it. Hence the collapse, which took so much time to occur.
    Burnt off at impact? 20,000 gallons? Uh… Okaaaay…
    Ah. You were in Canada. Truly a first-hand account.DarthFastidious 3 years ago
  • Watch a documentary on how the WTC were built. The pancake theroy can only work if the masive 47 steel colums never exsisted, & in the gov’t report, they left them out making the pancke effect possible. WTC were designed in 3 sections, so if the top section was to collapse, it would literally fall on the street leaving the the lower 2 sections in tack. That’s why the offical gov’t story is so funny. That’s why the engineers from around the world immediately called out the gov’t for their lies.mfornelos in to DarkPhoenixPeach 3 years ago
  • Could we please have just one little bit of footage from 9-11 posted on here without the conspiracy theorists coming out of the woodwork? PLEASE? Just ONE? And buddy, I was there, in Lower Manhattan that day. I saw it happen. Two planes hit. The buildings collapsed. There were no “charges.” Where where you? And engineers did NOT “call out” the government. A very small group of them did, while 99% of them confirmed the 9-11 Report. You’re just pulling things out of our ass.DarthFastidious in to mfornelos 3 years ago
  • HAHAHA!!! So what gov’t agency do you work for? You have your facts backwards, a small group confirmed the 9-11 report which only took about 4 years to come out. While 99% laughed at it, because it left everything obvious out of it. Makes sense right? A so called “Terorist” attack happens, so you wait 4 years to release the report & in it you leave out major features of the building like its massive 47 steel colums, so therefore the crazy conspiracy of fire & the pancake effects can work.mfornelos in to DarthFastidious 3 years ago
  • My friend, if pretending that this was the work of a vast conspiracy makes you feel less afraid (becuase the harsh reality that 20 people working on their own could murder nearly 3,000 people is just too unsettling for your childish brain to comprehend), go nuts. But please leave us out of your crazy, kay? And again, WHERE WERE YOU THAT MORNING? If you’re such an expert, I really want to know. And no, I don’t have my facts backwards. Perhaps you should actually do some research.DarthFastidious in to mfornelos 3 years ago
  • Your right! 19 muslim with box cutters made it through security, over took 4 planes, broke down the bulletproof door to the cockpit, killed the pilots, then with no help from Radar, auto pilot, or air trafic control, found their targets without any probles, and Norad was on vacation that day so no fighter jets were dispatched, and then 2 of the best engineered buildings in the world collapsed due to 50 minute low heat fires. Your right, your story is really believable.mfornelos in to DarthFastidious 3 years ago
  • 3000D is very hot heat. But the temp recorded in the building were 500D in one building &1200D in the other, thats public knowledge. You just ignore the facts because you can not wrape your head around the truth. It’s very sad and funny at the same time how people can be presented facts, but still want to believe a really crazy and totaly unrealistic story, only because the gov’t told to. Very very sad, maybe one day you will wake up except the truth, but untill then enjoy your crazy conspiracy!mfornelos in to DarthFastidious 3 years ago
  • As is typical of consipracy nutjobs, you take the facts that support you, and ignore the rest. The numbers you refer to were the numbers recorded by the sensors being carried by the firemen. But airplane fuel burns at 3000 degrees, period. That type of fuel always does, check? And unrealistic story? Excuse me? You’re the one that believes the entire US government was involved in the largest conspiracy in human history. Who’s being unrealistic here?DarthFastidious in to mfornelos 3 years ago
  • You are killing me here, i almost fell out of my chair laughing. Before you say things, research them. Please, that way you won’t come across so dumb. The jet fuel was burt off in the giant fireball at impact, and second, jet fuel does not burn at 3000D, just google that one. I can’t wait for more of your nut job, unfactual excuses you come up with to support your crazy consipracy. Keep them coming, i need a good laugh once and a while.mfornelos in to DarthFastidious 3 years ago
  • amen 2 psychos killed 400 people in OK City.
    Because we’re a democracy we don’t police every indivdual.
    Yes, 9/11 happened. Pardon us not being a police state prior, how we could have stopped it I don’t know. We will now. It’s sad we can’t trust our fellow man, and some religous extremists think this is a viable response. But welcome to the sick, cruel world we live in. Let’s hope there is life after death. My God, wat a waste of existence if there isn’tilovemred in to DarthFastidious 3 years ago
  • No one is trying to overthrow the gov’t. The offical gov’t story of what happened is so far fetch, that it’s funny, and i feel really sorry for the people who by into such a crazy conspiracy. I understand why the gov’t did what they did. They got the pipe line through Afganistan, they over took Iraq and their oil, and now have military bases completely surrounding Iran. It was done to help maintain world dominace over China who is a real threat to becoming the next world super power.mfornelos in to DarkPhoenixPeach 3 years ago
  • I counted it as well, and so did Fox & CNN and they came up with the same times. Have you ever watched a building in Vegas being demolished? You see them implode and fall in on themselves, so did WTC.mfornelos in to DarkPhoenixPeach 3 years ago
  • One fell in about 9 seconds and the other in about 11 seconds. You don’t start counting when noise starts and stops, it’s when the building start to implode and fall in on their own footprint.mfornelos in to DarkPhoenixPeach 3 years ago
  • Now your changing your stroy as why the WTC collapsed. Every time you guys are proven wrong you just make up something new. First you said the steel was weakend by fire, but when you find out the fire was no where near hot enough, you now say its the bolts. You should call up all the engineers and physicists from around the US & theworld and tell them that they are all wrong, it’s the “BOLTS” ha i love it. Whats next? aliens also helped bring the WTC down?mfornelos in to DarkPhoenixPeach 3 years ago
  • They know how hot it was because the temps were recorded & they are public knowledge, & 1300 Degrees in one building and only 500D in the other is no where near hot enough to weaken steel. The stove in your house & a BBQ can reach those temps, why do they not melt? Like you said “SIMPLE PHYSICS” Have you ever hear of Newtons law of free fall? The WTC fell at the rate of free fall. That could only be possible with explosives. “Simple Physics”mfornelos in to DarkPhoenixPeach 3 years ago
  • CT aside…it really doesnt matter. Bush treated 9/11 as if he planned it..which is to say, he did every thing possible to kill the constitution, promote fear, steal money, wage false wars. So who really cares if he (they?) planned it or not? i think the fact he sat like an idiot for 8 minutes when it was happening shows he probably didnt know it was coming.tallcoolone1 3 years ago
  • The black man says this was the most tragic thing he’s seen in his life and that he will remember it, he’s lucky he wasnt born 300 years ago or he wouldnt even have a life. This same America treated Blacks like garbage and this is the worst they’ve seen? The Attacks are your own opinion though. Chose what seems right to u. Its kinda obvious. I can send a plane to New York and blame it on Obama and everyone will believe me. Because thats all we do, just believe anything they tell us.arsy123 3 years ago
  • “its called air pressure dumb ass”
    This is whats called being naive. For the localized squibs, you are talking an office space caving in…how does this create the jets of ehh “smoke” that we see.
    For the simultaneous “demolition wave” squbis….I laugh because in order to accept this as overpressures you must accept the pancake theory. Pancakes would leave most of the entire core structure still standing.
    Exactly how does that core structure tear itself apart and fall straight down?JSSTyger in to isitadreamoramemory 3 years ago
  • Ok i’m done arguing with you nutjobs. You can spend the rest of you’re lives believing in your own illusion bullshit if you so desire. The ideas you idiots have will never be proven because you cant prove the untrue. I’d love to see the proof “sandman” has on his 2 planes theory because architectural experts back how the buildings collapsed. But the hell with what they say because he’s the expert. All of you can go to hell with the real terrorists that did this. Damn me if you please. Idiots.jayhoyt28 3 years ago
  • What is the goal of all the conspiracy theorists anyway? Because in your sick minds your looking for something that never happened and because it never happened you will all be empty handed in the end. How does a competent person come up with such fantasy bullshit in their minds? Have some respect for the ones lost and leave it alone. Let it rest. Because its pointless anyway. And stop watching so many conspiracy movies or reading the novels. Its warping your minds.jayhoyt28 3 years ago
  • Man this little girl is clueless, she needs to wake up already. Listen lady, you just need to do a little more of your own research – infact, start how I started … try and prove what the 9/11 commission said is true, you’ll find that its fucking imposible. Show me one good video where they disprove these theorys because I rather live in the sun-shine bunny land that you apparently live in. It’s so hard trying to wake you sheep up, but I shouldn’t have too – you should youself. Prove me wrongAggressiveNature in to jayhoyt28 3 years ago 2
  • Freeze frame by frame from 1:43 1:44 1:45 1:46 1:47 1:48 stop at 1:48, look to the right of the dust cloud. you will see the inner core of the building, the part that held up all of the weight of the structure. One spire with a “knuckle” on the right side sticks out above the others. Unfortunately the camera pans back before that part falls, but it can be seen in other videos with a slight deflection and then a vertical drop. This means it was cut at 45 degrees from below for controlled demo.uncledevo 3 years ago 2
  • Some of you absolutely sicken me. This is the worst day in the history of this country. And yet somehow after a little time goes by you find a way in your twisted minds to turn it into a conspiracy theory. Then you spill your sick venom on people that lost loved ones and pour salt in wounds that will never heal. Yet you are the same ones that will someday call for help to the same people you blame and expect them to be there. I wish you could all be singled out and removed from society. Damn youjayhoyt28 3 years ago
  • if you watch videos over and over on youtube about 9/11 and have a related trauma to it:ie you have lost loved ones ecetera, which is terrible, you are in fact by your own actions pouring on the salt by watching, twisting your own mind, if the truth is venom to you its because your are foreign to it. Singling out people and removing them from society-
    Totolitarian national socialism, thats not very patriotic of you.
    of course unless you admire the Nazi’s.
    The ones who caused this help nooneWellSightedGentleman in to jayhoyt28 3 years ago
  • Kid, you literally have to be blind with ignorance to still believe the official story. Yeah, some people take it to the extreme, but anyone in their right mind question the conspiracy theory that YOU clearly believe in. Unlike you, us rationalists won’t let those people die in vain. Your a coward who needs to live in his box. People who investigate this are the heroes – your the enabler, not the Patriot.AggressiveNature in to jayhoyt28 3 years ago 3
  • Kid? Well I guess I wouldnt expect anything other than ignorance from someone who has aggressive in the user id. Call me the enabler. I’m actually the person who refuses to turn his back on his country. With so much distrustful people like yourself who think they have the answers for everything when in fact know nothing and then have the nerve to look into the very people that keep this country running its no wonder there are so many things kept “classified”. People like you need to know nothingjayhoyt28 in to AggressiveNature 3 years ago
  • DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU for telling people to bury their heads in the sand because good people died.
    It’s BECAUSE good people died that WE WANT THE TRUTH! And the 911 commission is complete SWISS CHEESE.
    Two planes did not destroy 3 class A buildings by themselves. THATS THE IDIOCY.sandman3131 in to jayhoyt28 3 years ago 3
  • freeze frame at 1:32… see the large squib coming out of the right side of the building? That is not a window being blown out by the pressure of the collapse, see how far below the collapse it is? It is a signature mark of controlled demolition. It gets even bigger and darker at 1:33, but it is still well below the collapse line. freeze at 1:35, doesn’t the top look like an explosion? A fire won’t do that, but dynamite, thermite, thermate, and C4 will. At 1:38 see how far lateral ejections gouncledevo 3 years ago
  • This is indeed an educated observation but what about the massive rush of air being forced down the stair-cases by the collapsing ceilings. This huge air pressure would need to escape somewhere surely?? This would be enough to cause these “squibs” you are reffering to. Numerous eye-witness accounts stated that while running away rom the falling towers, they were knocked off their feet by a gust of wind behind them. Just a thought 😉pendario in to uncledevo 3 years ago
  • i saw the field where they crashed the plane…..
    RIP to all the Americans who lost their lives.
    Bless all those who lost a loved one
    Did you hear about the widow who died in the plane crash-RIPHamstersHorses 3 years ago
  • 9/11 was a day that all of us came together as Americans. We all felt the pain that the people in the US felt. At the end of the day doesn’t matter if we are from Italy, USA, UK, Sweden. We are all part of one big nation. Called the human race.
    The buildings collapsed like a few others have said. When extreme heat is ignited by fuel on metal. The metal begins to lose it’s strength. Similar to nitrogen that can brittle and break steel. With gravity and the tons of offices and people it falls.APriceProduction 3 years ago
  • After all this time if you can still look at those collapses and say that it makes sense that they would collapse from the 85 flr into their sub-basement in 10 sec.? Then I don’t know what to say to your cowardly stupid ass.
    Maybe the collapse of the global dollar based economy makes sense to you as well? huh?
    and I’m sure that the two aren’t related at all huh?
    Just another in a long line of COINCIDENCE THEORIES .
    Well Human liberty may be doomed, but at least I’m not stupid.z8it 3 years ago 2
  • “At the temperature fuel burns, steel loses half of it’s strength.”
    Wow! Thank’s for the warning! I’m never going to use a kerosene stove again!
    What a moron.z8it in to SonyRox700 3 years ago
  • take away the support collumns = collapseReflex117 in to z8it 3 years ago
  • yesnazar2007parisin to doomedamerica 3 years ago
  • Then please explain why tower 7 fell 10 hrs later after not even being touched by fire.BANDITGULLY in to SonyRox700 3 years ago
  • Bush is the living devil..and all of those in favor of the NEW WORLD ORDER..rakibaki3 3 years ago
  • Be proud to be an american , come on.
    You stupid fags never grew the brain to understand U.S. = Bush , Did this to U.S.
    And you freaked out mind never will.Rigent 3 years ago
  • Looking back–history will reveal this made NO SENSE. Steel buildings do not crumble rapidly unless theyre blown up. History will reveal BUSH to be the driving force behind these horrific killings. BUSH desperately needed a political platform to maintain power & govern a divided nation. He had stole an election and was unable to bring the nation together. He used this event to regroup a nation under the belief “UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL”. People died so ASSHOLE BUSH could rule!fredericwhite 3 years ago
  • when a plane full of cerosine at cruising speed hits a building it IS a bomb, only an extremely huge and powerfull bomb!
    im not a bush lover and i think the “war against terror” was a war for oil in first line, but i dont think the attacks where his idea.brotmann86 in to fredericwhite 3 years ago
  • Listen to what these people say:
    Scholars for 9/11 Truth
    Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
    Lawyers for 9/11 truth
    Pilots for 9/11 truthpolodean 3 years ago 2
  • WTC. thank you. and if you read the comments in the thread from (by clicking view all 282 comments) you’d see I was replying to someone who said somewhere along the lines of “not even one jew died in the WTC, I wonder why” and another said somewhere along the lines of that the jews planned it.Maserati7200 in to eddman1000 3 years ago
  • just cos they are your relatives dont mean they are jewishbluddro in to Maserati7200 3 years ago
  • just because steel melts at 2500 degrees doesn’t mean its at full strength at 2499 degrees. when it was 1000+ degrees the steel was getting weaker. its not fully melted but its still getting weak. then after it cannot handle the weight anymore.. it collapsed. it wasnt strong enough to hold up all that weight.
    bitch.Maserati7200 in to CoheedAndSanchez 3 years ago
  • We were on Long Island. The woman working at the desk next to my mom’s that morning got a call on her cell phone from her son, who was in the north tower. He said, “I’m sorry, Mom. So sorry. I tried to get out, but I can’t. I have to say goodbye now…”EyeLean5280 3 years ago 4
  • thats so sad m8 :(. R.I.P for all who diedvphf9fw2g in to EyeLean5280 3 years ago
  • i’m so sorry i’m so sorryrachelraysunshinein to EyeLean5280 3 years ago
  • I am too. So many lost loved ones. Everyone knew at least one person who’d lost someone. There were flyers in all the train & bus stations for weeks with pictures of happy, smiling loved ones and captions that read “MISSING: has anyone seen my daughter/son/wife/friend?”
    I feel we really need to stick together as Americans. We have to stop hating each other for political reasons or any reason – divided we’re distracted and weaker. Besides, we all need each other.
    Hate is for terrorists.EyeLean5280 in to rachelraysunshine 3 years ago
  • Inside job all the way do both buildings come down in the exact same way, no difference in any you would think a bit of building would still be standing.. what happened to the steel cores in the center..those buildings had cores in the does steel pulverize to dust..why did WTC 7 come down the same way as the other two..and it wasnt hit by a plane.suzicat 3 years ago 2
  • if youdont believe this was planned look at 1:32 youcansee how the flors were exploded befoe the collapse goes.all over the world people knows this was a USgov job this gave bush power sohe could invade afganistanand iraq so daddy’s oil company could go there.I understand its hard to believe but dont trust me,do your own research.alqaeda isthe name of a USdatabase in middleeast and evennow they cant prove its related this kind ofthings have happened since allways but this is one allworld watcheddaackmpoy 3 years ago
  • You know, I watched a movie a few years back. Its called Wag the Dog. Its a movie about the U.S. government covering things up. A must see movie, but hell people are still taking the Blue Pill!!mustafaopw in to daackmpoy 3 years ago
  • R.I.P 2 everyone who lost their lives thank god grandma made it out both times 93 and 2001 thank u godhatemenow87 3 years ago 3
  • People and their conspiracy’s, all of you guys are nut jobs! What you are all saying is that all the experts and every single government official, all the hundreds or thousands of them are keeping the biggest secret in the world. And they secretly placed tonnes of explosives in the buildings and no one witnessed that. Very convincing! Get a life and have some respect for these poor people and their families.andrewhedgman 3 years ago
  • I don’t know whether any of these theories are fully or in part true, but it strikes me as odd that our government in all of its technologically advanced power and surveilance was unable to stop the 2nd and 3rd planes.
    Don’t you find it odd that NORAD was unable to respond in less than 30 minutes? Yes, I hear that there was a training exercise that was similar to what actually happened that confused them, but, really…comeon.J0shRR in to andrewhedgman 3 years ago
  • Because having a training exercise on a military base is unreasonable. People fuck up, the military is not perfect. The message to OK it after they realized something happened could easily have taken a while to go through – who knows how high up they had to go in order to respond over a city.ExDeeXD in to J0shRR 3 years ago
  • ExDeeXD: So basically you’re saying it is MERE COINCIDENCE that on the morning of 9/11, the US military was training for a scenario that involved crashing planes into the WTC and Pentagon?
    Are you seriously that fucking stupid?creat3d in to ExDeeXD 3 years ago
  • Maybe you’re the stupid one for believing the scenarios involved anything like that.Kamatzu in to creat3d 3 years ago
  • Do a google search for september 11th wargames…
    Or would doing some simple online search be too much a waste of your time? I’m asking because it would really do you a favor to do some research before you show your ignorance.creat3d in to Kamatzu 3 years ago
  • There were no hijacking exercises run on 9/11. A simulated hijacking was scheduled to run later, but games were canceled after the attacks.
    None of the exercises run on 9/11 would have changed the outcome of the attacks.Kamatzu in to creat3d 3 years ago
  • Congratulations, you reached Wikipedia!
    A little further research would’ve informed you that the exercises did indeed take place, involving HIJACKINGS, and mostly the same targets as 9/11.
    Wouldn’t have changed the outcome? NORAD normally has a 100% success rate in intercepting stray aircraft, that morning they had 0% success. Why?
    Because the vast majority of defense aircraft was involved in exercises, otherwise they could’ve prevented the second crash (NYC) and the Pentagon “plane” crash.creat3d in to Kamatzu 3 years ago
  • I didn’t reach Wikipedia. I’m not sure which research you’re using, but it’s wrong.
    “The vast majority of defense aircraft were involved in exercises”
    ^This is just ill-informed. Before 9/11, there were only 4 aircraft in the northeast sector of the USA on a defense standby. When they were informed of the hijacking at 8:37, the games ended. The games did not diminish their ability to respond to the confusing disaster.Kamatzu in to creat3d 3 years ago
  • you are very ignorant. over opinionated and under educated as usual. i pity you.Andrew Mace in to andrewhedgman 3 years ago
  • WATCH LOOSE CHANGE FINAL CUT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY. loose change 1 & 2 were good, but final cut is by far the best. if you don’t believe it was an inside job after that, then you’re a complete idiot. INSIDE JOB.jaackjames 3 years ago
  • im sorry to burst your buble, but there is a ton of proof, after 9/11 a bunch of engineers checked out the site, a guess what, they all saw proof of controlled demolition, DYNAMITE on the basement, and remember, WTC was built to withstand a plane crash, but dont get me wrong, i love americagonzo7101991 3 years ago
  • This event is sad and every day people remember the 9/11 attack and we honor the people that died in 9/11 and the people that helped people that survived. We hold up the flag and say GOD BLESS AMERICA. Always remember those who died. Give support who got sick from the smoke and say the pledge of allegiance: I PLEDGE ALLEGENCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STAND ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.CasterRider 4 years ago 3
  • I’ll gladly argue with you that Obama is the best choice for our future president. But not on this video.
    Please, never leave a comment like that on a video like this again. Please, i am asking you.shwizzman in to kamajiboy 4 years ago 3
  • what will obama do to make sure this never happens again.
    obama supports hamass and hezbollah
    obama has lunch with terrorist like ayers who want to destroy our contry
    obama wants to meet with the president of iran
    obama doesn’t understand what it takes to keep america safekamajiboy in to shwizzman 4 years ago
  • Did you even freaking read my comment!? Stop talking about that on this video!shwizzman in to kamajiboy 4 years ago
  • ….and McCain & PALIN do???klwewfin to kamajiboy 4 years ago
  • um i agree with everything you said except one thing…osama IS NOT deadfriggin10 in to creten69 4 years ago
  • bomb a tower implant!! bush is a killer!!LER3554 4 years ago 2
  • I was at the bottom level when the first plane hit I ran outside to morone street and watched….. I took my eye off the building for five seconds and a loud bang rang right next to me the back of my shirt was covered in blood I looked at the body next to me and it was my friend Tom Baskovich RIP tom.validranger11 4 years ago
  • Holy shit… did he jump? holy shitSigmaStudiozin to validranger11 4 years ago
  • word 911 was mad planed out……its amazin watchin them fall……….goverment knew it was gonna happen…….CaliColombia100 4 years ago
  • why though? why would the government want to plan this, or know that it happened?SigmaStudioz in to CaliColombia100 4 years ago
  • moneyonizuka2222in to SigmaStudioz 4 years ago
  • What gives me the chills to this day is hearing the crowd’s responses and the horror in their voices as the towers collapsed! What a terrible TERRIBLE day!Stephie21184 4 years ago
  • of course people died.
    when people say that 9/11 was a hoax they are referring to the govt’s bogus explanation for 9/11.
    19 highjackers with boxcutters? as if!jamesha175 4 years ago
  • gosh, my heart beats triple fast watching it. All those poor peopleLovelySteph 4 years ago
  • Iranians have a very long and proud history, there is no disputing that. That’s why it is such a shame that your gov’t acts in such ways. The USA is indeed a melting pot/salad bowl and is perfect be no means. If you were smart you would be against how your govt restricts your freedom. It’s ok if you do not agree, I do not expect you to. The people who die for freedom are the ones who have experienced it.MikeP520 4 years ago 2
  • Well friend, any gov’t that says the holocaust is a myth doesn’t score high in my book. America a shithole you say? That must be why millions of people risk their lives every year to come here. That must be why American culture is copied around the globe. You really know what your talkin about there skipper.MikeP520 in to xxxxsjdxxxx 4 years ago
  • Iran has one of the worst govts out of all of them, there is no debate about it.MikeP520 in to xxxxsjdxxxx 4 years ago
  • How completely do they fool you? Just Google any of these and Matt Marriott
    BECAUSE the TRUTH is NEVER TOO HORRIBLE, even if YOU, the sheep, realize it only INSIDE the slaughterhouse.
    9/11 FULL STORY was exposed worldwide first long ago.
    From TV Fakery (no planes) to mini H bombs upwards directed, how Barbara Olson was murdered immediately after Massood, how Lisa Beamer was fooled, why the Pentagon and WTC7 were in the script, etc.
    9/11 for dummies Matt MarriottTruth666 4 years ago
  • I’m just curiouse about one thing…
    To all the people who write comments about how 9/11 was planned by muslims and not the U.S Gov… why dont you ever write these comments on the videos about Bush fucking up the answer to a question o videos about hidden tapes from the pentagon?
    You only write it under the crash videos because you can’t arhue with the otehr ones…bdehh 4 years ago
  • Kinda feel like nukin pakistan..MikeP520 4 years ago
  • Why would you want to nuke Pakistan when almost all (14 out of 19) highjacker/terrorist were from and came from Saudi Arabia.
    Just wondering ???
    DavyoCurlupndyesalon in to MikeP520 4 years ago 2
  • Pakistan, Iran, Suadi Arabia theyre all the sameMikeP520 in to Curlupndyesalon 4 years ago
  • You know what makes me mad.. Is the people that think its a inside job! Okay you have your opinion, but on every dick heads videos of 9/11’s a inside job nowhere do they say RIP to the people that died on that day. You could atleast show a little respect.
    RIP.Boog250 4 years ago 4
  • that must be REALLY hard for you. I feel your pain. I would cry everyday!
    im also 12.
    im very sorry.
    one day you will be a great mom/dad
    im sorry lol i dont know if your a girl or boy.
    you will make some1 very happy
    take care! 😀
    ♥chericheri12929 in to WW2FAN17 4 years ago


  • i feel ur pain my parents were on the plane that crashed the first tower and my autie was in the tower also i cry at night alsotyuya13 in to WW2FAN17 4 years ago
  • You people are fucking retarded. FUCKING retarded. To think this was an inside job is retarded. All these retards throwing in their 2 cents about no molten steel recovered. Why did the building fall straight down, all the conspiracy with the dates…
    DROP IT! Are you an architect? Or did you build the wtc? Did you personally go collect shit from ground zero? You know absolutely nothing. You arent an engineer, you aren’t some sort of scientist, it’s your opinion, but stop corrupting othersSherw0od 4 years ago



  • So did anyone ever figure out why these buildings fell all the way to the ground, straight down, not on an angle, and in despite of the fact that they were built in three steel reinforced sections? And why molten iron was recovered from Ground Zero?StarryKid06 4 years ago 2
  • Inside Job.
    Controlled Demolition.


in to StarryKid06 4 years ago

  • FranklinCrew
    what were they supposed to do?
    what in their power was able to be done?
    huh?wordwhomp3 4 years ago



  • OMG this is so haunting. people 100 years from now will look at it like how we look at 1906 sanfrancisco or the titanic.hey1031 4 years ago
  • Really sad….. =(rachm19914 years ago
  • all this for oil?praja5584 years ago
  • Stensture, some of these people in this video are standing in the street watching the biggest terrorist attack in history take place before their eyes…they’re hardly ‘going about their business as usual’..for christsakes…Nailersy 4 years ago
  • “oh oh OH oh…OH OH OH SHHHHIIT! OH oh oh oh” well enough with the oh’s and DO something!!FranklinCrew 4 years ago
  • Strange to see how some of the people in this video just go about their business as usual. Very interesting…Stensture 4 years ago 3
  • haunting footage 🙁Ellectrika14 years ago 2
  • i agre ill get over 911 if you will
    have a good one
    Eric Foner awaits8data 4 years ago



  • there are no crimes but those of passion
    i am not that left wing anyways
    love of country always
    opinions are one thing
    putting all on the line is another
    but find your inner truth and i appeciate your value of history8data 4 years ago



  • sounds good supergirl13x
    there are no crimes in life
    except crimes of passion
    let it out and thanx for the reply8data 4 years ago



  • as if you arent getting visceral thrills from watching the footage to begin with
    OF THE UNITED STATES and its exploitation of resources human and material
    the important thing is to question-CS Soong-against the grain-xpfa-berxeley8data 4 years ago



  • Dont believe anything about another persons life that comes from third party sources
    but truth be told, i believe that the people in these buildings were martyrs who paid the price for the rest of US
    in any case, you live your life pal, you believe what you want, man
    some people have greater integrity than others, anyone who dies in the line of duty should be memorialized
    nor would I ever questioned their dedication and sincerity
    i will always maxe fun of youtube users including myself8data 4 years ago



  • by system i mean senseless greed
    the FBI agents did their job, valiantly, the system worxed
    what failed were their superiors, those with power
    useless8data 4 years ago



  • i dont understand why the statement that the internet has no emotional value is a crude heartless remarx
    the emotional value is the photography, the story telling, the writing, the music, the culture, the arts and letters
    the Internet is just a technology8data 4 years ago



  • The only point i am maxing is that History of the United States is bloody
    I am sorry for any brave human being who toox that plunge, far greater act of courage then I have ever done
    but capitalism has gone insane and we need to understand that we live in a historical trajectory
    but if you want to blame someone, blame the system and its policies that xill human spirit8data 4 years ago



  • life has emotional value, ie, its your life
    the Internet is a networx
    the only truth is emperical
    what about famine, starvation, political violence of capitalism that xills millions by day
    I am a communist, and now you cant prosecute me
    in california new laws allow you to be one
    how do you feel about the people who stand by cowardly when their neighbours lose their homes or foreclose on people, etc
    anyways, truth be told, i said I cried, it was horrible
    Only Relationships have emotional value8data 4 years ago



  • all right everyone, so I am perfectly clear here,
    nothing on the internet has any emotional value
    I am not heartless
    but imagine all the people who have also suffered as
    a result of United States continued misuse of american power
    in any case, its about the truth, the truth is that any response to 911 is baseless if you arent a first responder, always heroic people, duty above all else
    i cried along everyone with everyone else, and i grieve for any loss of life but we should question ourself8data 4 years ago



  • nothing on the internet has emotional value?? that is a heartless, crude, selfish, disrespectful statement. How can you watch something like that and not feel for the people. Take out your damn conspiracy theories and blame and finger pointing. I aint even from the states and it hits home, you know what im sayin. Did you lose anyone in that attack 8data? I take it you didnt.Smokie181 in to 8data 4 years ago
  • i agree with you on the government cause ours sucks
    but you really should stop and think bout all the people who died
    all the familys who lost someone
    all the babies and kids who r without parents
    just stop and think bout itsupergirl13k in to 8data 4 years ago



  • supergirl13, Smoxie 181, MissGreenie
    I lixed it when the 911 widows both made fun of the media and Giuliani
    Emotional value is in relationships, those relationships are the stories of the people who lost meaning and value
    this two dimensional surface called youtube is superficial and of dubious emotional content
    in short, get over yourself, get over your opinions, your consumption



  • whoa whoa whoa
    one this is not bout me
    and 2 how dare you think that that is what i am turning this into
    i am alowed to express my own oppinion just like you did
    and i was not being rude wheni typed that comment i was just saying what i feel
    and thats not a crime
    ps i am studing history and even my teacher thinks that emotionla valuse r important
    im srry but your the one who needs to get over themselvessupergirl13k in to 8data 4 years ago



  • my mother is a conspiracy theorist
    but i dont buy any of it
    in the end political will determines outcomes
    americans do not need to produce shitty governments
    we can do better, people8data 4 years ago



  • Imagine all those people inside going to their deaths. How horrifying. One can not imagine the way those people stuck inside the towers felt. I hope you never have to know that feeling 8data.MissGreenie in to 8data 4 years ago
  • virologists know that the AIDS virus doesn’t occur naturally in monkeys. In fact it doesn’t occur naturally in any animal. It was engineered, just watch the Strecker Memorandum, it’s right here on YouTubeacrandy2002 4 years ago
  • so where did AIDS come from? Did people get it by fucking monkeys up the ass? There is no monkey ever to have been found carrying anything like the AIDS virus…read the Strecker Memorandum…AIDS was created from cattle leukemia, a simple retovirus…when cattle leukemia is placed in a human tissue culture, it becomes a human immunodeficiency virus…acrandy2002 in to glimmertwinz 4 years ago
  • we are part of natural selection
    there is an explanation for AIDS within that frameworx
    AIDS is transmitted from any possible explanation
    there is no reason to resort to conspiracy theories
    the government has been responsible for a lot of socieys ill
    and manufactures lies, but lets not pretend that human behaviour does not affect the outcome of disease and that nature can be cruel for no apparent reason at all8data in to acrandy2002 4 years ago



  • read the “Strecker Memorandum,” a detailed account of how and why AIDS was created…they tried to create cancer-causing viruses (like HPV), but as long as a person has a healthy immune system, they can fight off most viruses…so, the solution they came up with at the National Cancer Institute in 1969 was to create a virus that could take out the immune system…with no immune system you can’t fight off carcinogens, so you get cancer automatically…the perfect weapon, and AIDS is recombinantacrandy2002 in to glimmertwinz 4 years ago
  • “oh my God” and holy shit” the 2 most used words that day. A record.conewells 4 years ago
  • like the kid under me i didnt go to school i was in new york for the yankee game with my dad and we went early to explore the city and wat happened taht day i will never forget, running with my dad down the streets away from the building and going into a bus about 1 mile away from the accuall towers and being escorted to the bridge and we were let out there, this day was the most horrific terrifying day of my life, never will i see evil like this in front of my eyeswillieballs7 4 years ago
  • I hope if anything like this happens to you that you’ll be able to pull through and learn from it.killcactus in to basschampo 4 years ago
  • because it was planned the owner of the world trade center was jewish.whitehawk38 in to gmx440 4 years ago
  • So what? Jewish people own heaps of real estate. So do Catholics, Christians, Hindus. If you want to believe that it was an inside job, you’d better have a stronger reason than ‘the guy who owned it was jewish.’TheTurnipFiasco in to whitehawk38 4 years ago
  • i am not saying that the jewish people planned this. but i am certain this was an inside job. i was watching this video of 9/11 and while i was watching i they said that no jewish person was working there. i have it on dvdwhitehawk38 in to TheTurnipFiasco 4 years ago
  • The idea that the Jews stayed at home that day is maybe the most redicluous of all the stupid things said about 9/11. Look at the list of victims, idiot. From Abrahamson to Zuckerman, well over 1000 Jews died that day. They all had families and friends that you could talk to and they would tell you about their loss. There are police files and coroner reports about every one.Michael Lawrence in to whitehawk38 4 years ago
  • omg. i didn’t mean that jews planned it! buddy i was watching this video about 9/11. and thats what i heard. really i don’t know. but i am certain that it was an inside job.whitehawk38 in to Michael Lawrence 4 years ago
  • You know, many people say that this was a government inside job. Now, it may or may not be, I dunno. I really don’t want to think it was because I can not ever believe that the government would be willing to kill thousands of innocent people for their own agenda. It’s just impossible. And if it’s true, we know what needs to be changed in the government, because this is sickening beyond anything I have ever seen/heard in my life.StarFighters76 4 years ago
  • the real question is how do you organize a trial for those responsible, the law follows juris prudence, it is the first time in history a crime of this magnitude took its place, ask yourself, who would judge them, and how. No lawyer is suitable for it!!!psydust 4 years ago
  • you can fully see how the windows at least 7 floors bellow are blown out.psydust 4 years ago
  • in any crime, look for the real criminals by ‘following the money’. who made billions of dollars from insurance less than a couple of months after purchasing (all but condemned) buildings?
    thanks for sharing this moving and memorable, albeit traumatising, footage.bazra1960 4 years ago



  • How come the only people I see crying is the women and the men are like not even crying and don’t even look that scare or shock are they scare that other men going to made fun of them for crying like or what??? I will cry on that day cause I’am not scarecoolcoolcoolest 4 years ago
  • This is no disrespect to women at all, but they tend to show more emotion then men do in tragic situations.StarFighters76 in to coolcoolcoolest 4 years ago
  • You bitches dont realize that ppl died!!! There were unsuspecting children on that plane!!! How would you like it if you were working in your office cubicle and suddenly a plane comes and blows you up??? wouldnt you be pissed if ppl were making fun of you for it? Wouldn’t u want respect? Burn in hell, or better yet, why dont you jump into an exploding building, eh? It would do the world some good. bastardsCrayzman2297 5 years ago 4
  • People die all the time Crazyman2297
    Why do you have the right to be the guardians of their lives
    xeep your sanctimony to yourself
    as if by being outraged on youtube gives you the spoxesperson of their lives
    they paid the price for all of US-its errors, aggression, senseless policies and our inability to stop the fanatical nutcases out to harm US
    we should have stopped those people
    rest in peace Marx Bingham, American Hero
    Get over yourselves people, looc at the meaninglessness of your own life8data in to Crayzman2297 4 years ago



  • When you have a moron for a president who ignored terror attack warnings all summer, a nghtmare like this can occur?Greenandscaly 5 years ago
  • A couple of months later, 5 guys who were just deported from the USA, revealed in an Israeli television show that they had been in NYC to “document the event”. Footage of that tv show: youtube[dot]com/watch?v=Cc5uOP­hVFKwaoibhgreine 5 years ago
  • Thank you for sharing this. It hurts to think back to that dayjpiccion 5 years ago
  • You must be joking? Right? How did Popular Mechanics explain the pyroclastic flows that charred cars 10 blocks away? How did it explain building 7 which NO PLANE ever hit that building and it fell? How about the explosive sounds and witnesses in the Towers and building 7? What about the bright flashes usually caused by Explosives? The free fall collapse of about 8 seconds? What about the melted steel for 2 weeks after collapse? WAKE UP The Government Lied and you believed it!drcorrector in to palmerblade 5 years ago
  • Yes, it was a conspiracy – a conspiracy of terrorists. They planned this for years. Remember the flight schools?stoogeswoman in to drcorrector 5 years ago
  • Drcorrector, rather than making up bullshit, just take Palmers advice and see the Popular mechanics article. See also the purdue finite element analysis if you like.seneca67 in to drcorrector 4 years ago
  • those sure look like explosions not collapses – is it coincidence that the company in charge of security (Securacom/Stratesec) at the WTC and Dulles Airport (where Flight 77 supposedly flew out of) was headed by Marvin Bush (W’s little brother) and Wirt Walker … Marvin left in 2000, Walker left Securacom on 9/10/01 … hmmm – coincidence – the day before 9/11 ?florgat91 5 years ago
  • those ‘squibs’ also happened when the planes hit.opusbeme in to hapstervt 5 years ago
  • the official story is indefensible so rather than argue the facts you’ve been reduced to schoolyard antics – when you’re ready yo leave the sandbox, you’ll realize 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB –florgat91 in to benzinite 5 years ago
  • It doesn’t matter where in the world this would have happened it’s the fact that it did. Too many innocent lives were lost and it’s still going on. I can’t imagine what those who lost their lives families feel but I know how I feel everytime I see this. I’m Canadian but my heart goes out to America and the American people.Gypsi000 5 years ago
  • “Awesome” as in the original sense of the word: “inspiring awe”, where we’re using the archaic definition of “awe”: “dread, terror…the power to inspire dread”.jalabi99 in to van23xeon 5 years ago
  • O.O I knew it was horrible.But not THIS horrible!thenaymacunglay 5 years ago
  • Really interesting (if that’s the right word) angle…seeing people who were close enough to see it, but not actually on top of it.
    Also interesting for me as I lived just there…looks like Sixth and w 4 st?
    Anyway, excellent film.coolitababy 5 years ago



  • I hadn’t watched this footage in awhile. But seeing those buildings collapse and hearing the live audio of the bystanders and witnesses still is like a kick in the gut every time, even 6+ years later.jalabi99 in to coolitababy 5 years ago
  • But don’t assume everything is a conspiracy, until I see it all on the mainstream media, it will remain a conspiracy theory by people who sit in their basements on their computer all day wondering why nobody would believe them.cssniper06 in to theblackwoods 5 years ago
  • Oh my how unliberal of me, then why hasn’t anybody done anything about this? Were are the impeachment? Were is the almighty Democratic congress doing anything? “oh my Americans are finding out about our plans”, pure stupidity, until I see government investigations on 9/11 as of know your argument is useless. Everybody saw bodies jumping off the WTC, doesn’t matter who it is, you can go and watch the homevideos of people actually hitting the ground.cssniper06 in to theblackwoods 5 years ago
  • This is fact. On 9/11 about 10 mins after the second plane hit the south tower.I called and warned that the towers collapse is imminent due to flames anneling the steel.NYPD and the OEM started moving people away fromthe towers..Radios did not work and some FDNY and PA did not get warning.blueshadow1996 5 years ago
  • One can imagine many things. But to come up with conspiracy theories is another thing. I like many person do feel that some things seem questionable but I wont jump to conclusions yet, heck we wont know full details until probably many years later, but with that people should not disgrace the memory of those who died a painful horrible death.cssniper06 in to theblackwoods 5 years ago
  • you should really do more research on pearl harbor PH & 9/11 have more than just terror attacks in common
    the USS liberty research it operation northwoods operation paperclip
    100 senior gov officials from the CIA FBI army/naval/homeland/foreign/co­unter terrorism intel + more
    120 scholars
    110 victims survivors & family members of victims
    70 Entertainment & Media Professionalssingthebeatles in to theblackwoods 5 years ago



  • PA7, awesome and touching video, I’m glad you didn’t add actual music that wasn’t from that day. Other videos add emotional music like the actual attack wasn’t emotional enough. People should listen to Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 call, one that doesn’t require stupid music to make a person cry. Thanks allot for doing this, were you the one taping this?cssniper06 5 years ago
  • You had to ruing a good video with your bullshit conspiracy theories, I’m sick of people like yourself who ruin the memory of the greatest attack since Pearl Harbor. You have no decency at all and no proof at all, anybody can tape a tragedy and instantly one by mere coincidence begin to generate theories. Your pretty much disgracing the memories of all of those souls who died in those attacks, many hoping somebody was coming up the their aid.cssniper06 in to theblackwoods 5 years ago 2
  • you’re disgracing the souls by not bringing killers and their accesories to justice
    if someone killed your loved ones you would want to know the truth
    7 911 commissioners have said they were lied to, things were covered up, they weren’t allowed access to white house documents, secrect meetings were taking place, & there are a lot of loose ends & you want to believe an unfinished, highly questionable STORYsingthebeatles in to cssniper06 5 years ago



  • YES !!!! ok well like everything aboutt th day does not add up at all jet fuel heating up the steel core ??? well when heated steel has a melting point of about 2500 degrees and jet fuel only has burns up to 1000 so how cood it weaken the steel??!!!CoheedAndSanchez in to singthebeatles 5 years ago
  • It wasn’t the steel. The connection “rods” between the floors were of weaker material…
    Please look further info the documentation for more info.theartisticone in to CoheedAndSanchez 5 years ago



  • An object traveling over 500 MPH creates alot of energy and force. Havent you considered this as an issue?opusbeme in to CoheedAndSanchez 5 years ago
  • No not like that. They were controled explosives. Blame the land of the free for 9-11. I’m out.superjuvefan in to opusbeme 5 years ago
  • Your video is the most reliable ive ever seen. You didnt use stupid songs to touch nobody’s heart. Just the facts. No ideology, you shown it the way it happened. Thank you
    hehe just in the ending, but thats okay.Florerfly 5 years ago



  • If you are referring to the song at the end of the clip, it was performed by this young lady in the heat of the moment near ground zero. She saw me filming and asked if she could, quote: sing a song dedicated to all the Americans, all the citizens, to all the people that suffered and to the President of United States, end quote. Keep in mind that at the moment emotions were running high and everybody wanted to do whatever it was they could to help.PA7 in to Florerfly 5 years ago


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