Barry Jennings, Michael Hess – Witnesses to CONTROLLED DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVE CHARGES 911

Barry Jennings, Michael Hess – Witnesses to CONTROLLED DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVE CHARGES 911

Barry Jennings, Michael Hess – Witnesses to CONTROLLED DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVE CHARGES 911

WTC7 – the building NOT mentioned in Official fundamentally flawed 911 Report – Former Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) worker Tom Sullivan discusses the Controlled Demolitions on 9/11 (2001) [as did Danny Jowenko who had his own Controlled Demolition group of demolition contractors – he agreed that WTC7 was without doubt a professionally contracted Controlled Demolition deployment].

Various LIES have been perpetuated throughout the 911 quest to search for the TRUTH – such as a plane hit the Pentagon – it did not! [Witnesses corroborate this TRUTH – such as April Gallop]

Similarly, it was misrepresented that WTC7 was on fire [witnesses corroborate the TRUTH – such as Barry Jennings asserted that the building was not on fire] but the same stressed that they clearly heard the loud controlled demolition cutting charges being detonated throughout the building from the basements throughout the whole building — the evidence indicates that the vertical steel members were cut by cutting charges at 45 degrees – commensurate with the methodology deployed by professional Controlled Demolition undertakings — as provided for secure and secret major contracts — covered by “national security” privilege!
When the question is asked: “Who was to Benefit from 911 (2001)?”: reviewing the totality of evidence – the answer becomes crystal clear.
[2 Sovereign powers — one vast military super-power – the other Sovereign power – its instrumentality (funded yearly from the large military super-power)].
Barry Jennings, Micheal Hess BOTH Witnesses to Bombs Explosions WTC 7
Barry Jennings + Michael Hess Bombs In WTC 7, Explosions + family called about his DEATH!!!

Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center

Dr. Frank Greening, former darling of the JREF anti-9/11 truth “debunkers.” interesting 9/11 debunker questions NIST WTC 7

The new Dimona micro nuke was the very first critical weapon that could
be used in “stealth” mode.…

9/11 Commission Claims Command Center Not Evacuated until Later

Jennings was trapped in WTC7 for several hours on 9/11 by an explosion on the sixth floor stairwell BEFORE either tower came down. The BBC and NIST twisted his timeline to make it seem like the explosion was the north tower coming down … which doesn’t even make sense – I mean are we supposed to believe he waited on the 23rd floor for like an hour? Also he was on the north side of the building – the opposite side that was hit. Barry died on August 19th, 2008 at the age of 53 – there’s been no official cause of death. Michael Hess, who was with him at the time, was interviewed by the BBC in september of 2008 and agreed with the official timeline …. interestingly he’s still alive.

Larry Silverstein WTC7 Controlled Demolition 7 Hours after the 911 Attack !
Larry Silverstein is a Masonic Fabian Socialist Labour Zionist = Pope Serving “Jew” and a CFR Member which is controlled by The Arch Bishop of NY from St Patricks Cathedral, Israel was founded in 1947 by Scottish Rite Freemasonry Winston Churchill , Josef Stalin , Harry Truman , David Ben Gurion , Chaim Weisman all 33rd degree Freemasons , Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton and Edmond and Lord de Rothschild .The Knights of Malta are a Vatican Crusader Knighthood that was founded in 1046 in Jerusalem) The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre is the most important Vatican knighthood and is located in Jerusalem.
Mossad is created by the CIA and The CIA is founded by Knight of Malta W.Casey who also founded OSS.
Jesuit , 33rd degree and Bishop Avery Dullen is the most powerful Jesuit of the USA today he controlled Cardinal Edward Egan together with USA Jesuit leader Thomas Smolich. (Read Vatican Assassins III from Eric Jon Phelps because it really reveals who is really behind 911)
Larry Silverstein made 4,5 Billion $ from 911

Read description box, conscious about who really controls US government – Traitors now in charge of private International Capital

(MUST SEE) 911 More LIES Exposed – Larry Silverstein (REMINDER)

911 Inside Job – More Overwhelming Proof…

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