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September 11th 2001 Jay Zimmerman 06

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September 11th 2001 Jay Zimmerman 06

Univ. of Alaska WTC Building 7 Collapse Findings (9/3/2019)

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NIST was wrong. Clip 1 of 2 from a lengthy presentation broadcast live on the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks website:

Flight 93 aircraft debris, stand down, shoot down, V.P. clown?

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This was my day yesterday. Sorry I skipped the black boxes. Huge 93 news report playlist:

1st plane impact missed – WTC 1 burns

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9/11 Memorial video, 2008 version. See Flight 11 (1st hit) collection at or compilation video:

9/11/2001 B*B*C TWO Newsnight

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WTC 7 full version at 2:40. WTC 7 explosion survivor Barry Jennings at 14:05 and WTC 1 explosion survivor Tom

9/11 FBI audio of both WTC plane impacts

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Undercover informant Stephen McArdle tape not available in full. The 9 seconds between impact and lobby/basement explosions is not detectable.

Flight 93 news report on 9/11 at 9:30 pm

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Good aerial shots. Video 4 is blocked in the Flight 93 playlist I linked in my video upload yesterday, so

2nd plane hits WTC on 9/11 – Another one.

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Short clip, another version of 63rd airplane video. Full interview with 1st plane witness and discovery of video here:

Corbett Report FAIL: Willy’s Broken Whistle

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I'll delete this video when Corbett deletes his. There were no explosions before the 1st plane hit. Hear and see

WTC Building 7 “collapse” clips synched

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About 609 meters from the building, reactions occur immediately as the penthouse begins to drop. "Another explosion?" Mirrored from 8-year-old

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