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2nd Plane █ Pavel H. slow motion

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ONE frame per second -- see port wing light blink at 0:02. (aspect ratio adjusted from 720x576 to 720x480 and

Saudi & U.S. Involvement in 9/11 Attack$. █

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Legal action, done. Now for social media pressure - FORCE. Like the NY Times: --- AND

2nd Plane from FDR Drive █ slow motion

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TWO frames per second in the highest quality ::: details at -- NIST file WPIX Dub3

Plane in the wide shot ▫ slow (4 fps)

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A "new" source mp4 on is much better quality than previous VCR recordings...and NIST FOIA rel. 10 file 25...

WTC1 Demolition █ NewsCopter7, HQ

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RAW video with chopper audio, levels adjusted -- source: NIST FOIA, -- file A*B*C Dub 2

September 11th 2001 Jay Zimmerman 06

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September 11th 2001 Jay Zimmerman 06

2nd Plane █ Scott M. slow motion

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ONE frame per second, best possible quality, from NIST FOIA

2nd hit C*B*S 9:05 am fake mirrored smoke

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2nd plane impact - info at

Pentagon 9/11 Plane Crash Video 1

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A Pentagon security camera video records the impact of alleged American Airlines Flight 77 as it crashes into the building.

WTC Elevator an Incinerator, says FDNY 9/11 Survivor

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2003 interview describes elevator damage - excerpts edited from 20 minute clip. Thanks William Green. Large WTC 1 elevator study

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