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9/11 News, False Stories 10:25 am

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"Another plane hijacking" .. "car bomb at the State Department" .. chaos or lies to stoke fear? A rare segment

9/11 WTC Footage, WTC 2 burns

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New to me. File 314-WTCI-379-I which I cut short, missing all events, found while browsing the NIST drive archive at

NIST lies/fails: the 50 freight elevator

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Arturo Griffith's account wasn't used in the NIST report, which enabled a story to be told about his freight elevator

‘Eyewitness to 9/11: Behind the Lens’ reveals untold stories of America’s darkest day (TRAILER)

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The images of September 11, 2001, are seared into our memory, the moments broadcast live to the world. Now, on the