Today, Twelve years since the attacks of 9-11, we are joined on WHDT World News by Architect Richard Gage. In those twelve years little has changed since the 9/11 Commission concluded it's investigation.

However not every one, including Mr. Gage, accepts official narrative published by the United States Government.

And now, on this annive rsary, a coalition of over 2000 Engineers and Architects, led by Mr. Gage, have concluded that a new investigation is warranted and have signed a petition to initiate it.

The engineers and architects who signed the ReThink911 petition question the physics and science of the collapse of the twin towers as defined by the US Government.

These building professionals are being joined in their calls by a growing number of lawmakers in Washington.

Former Senators Bob Graham and Mike Gravel have called for re-opening the 9-11 investigation.

But most recently Alan Grayson of Florida. Grayson recently stated on CSPAN that classified 9/11 documents should be released:

The caller mentions a little known 3rd building that collapsed on September 11th known as "Building 7" and Grayson acknowledges that the truth about that day will be revealed once the government declassifies documents related to it.

Building Number 7 stands at the core of the ReThink911 coalition's global billboard campaign.

Immediately following this interview you will hear from structural engineers and physics professors discussing World Trade Center Building Seven who are signatory to the Rethink911 Coalition and behind the billboard in Times Square measuring almost 2,500 square feet in size.

The Times Square billboard will remain displayed through the month of September. Advertising is also running on taxis in Boston, as well as ads in San Francisco, Washington, London and Sydney, and other locations.

Richard Gage is an architect from San Francisco who founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. His organization is one of over 40 groups joining together in the Rethink 911 coalition.

Gage worked as an architect for 20 years, often on fireproof buildings. He is a leading opponent of the official story of 9/11.

Gage has been instrumental in organizing people calling for a greater investigation into the September 11th attacks.

Richard Gage joins us now via Skype.

Hashtag: #N3

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